Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Coachella/Casual Inspired Look Part 2 - Tobi Skater Dress

Happy Hump Day!
So glad this week is flying by, so ready for the weekend again!
I have an important week next week coming up that I'm trying to prepare for (two interviews!) but I am trying to keep my cool!
Today I am bringing you another Coachella inspired Casual look from can be worn to a festival or even just the lab - I think this pretty dress is super versatile and can be worn different ways! It was originally a dress - the Together Forever Skater Dress  in black! It was a really windy day so I decided to wear pants underneath to avoid any windy day mishaps if you catch my drift! But it can be worn by itself or as a longer shirt/tunic over pants or leggings! I like both styles! Wearing it with pants is a lot more appropriate for lab during the week, wearing as a dress is easier during the weekend, for example, going to brunch with friends!

Dress: "Together Forever" Skater Dress | Pants: YMI jeans | Purse: Express
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

I really like how casual and pretty this outfit this turned out to be! Hope your week is going great so far! How would you wear this dress? With or without pants?? I'd like to know your thoughts!

Stay tuned for Part 3 for the final outfit from! and if you want to check out some more of the selection (50% off first purchase), check out the links below!

Have a great rest of the week! 





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