Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Green and Floral - don't let summer end!

Hello loves!

Hope your week is off to a great start!
I am still struggling with this tooth/head pain, hopefully it goes away soon! I am tired all the time, can't focus, have some headaches... but even in pain, I can pull off some cute outfits with a smile! I am particularly loving this floral green shift dress I bought while I was in Cyprus, and wore out to dinner the other night with my boyfriend, dad and brother! I fell in love with this print, and I have a similar blouse from the same brand, Oasis, and when I saw the dress in Debenham's, I had to get it! It is perfect since it is not so tight, a little looser so even though in some shots it isn't as flattering, I still like the way it looks! Paired with some nude heels to lengthen my legs, I think the outfit was a hit!

Dress: Oasis | Statement Necklace: Oasis | Earrings: Local store in Barcelona | Shoes: Jessica Simpson Nude Heels | Fringe Purse: Ross Stores

What do you think of my accessories? My aunt got me this statement pink chunky necklace, which ended up also being from Oasis, and at first I didn't think it went with this dress but with all the pink accents and the bright green color, I thought why not! And lo and behold I like the combination. Do you like green and pink? I don't like it in some contexts, but in this case I think it works?

I was also using my fringe purse and these Jessica Simpson heels I have had for some time now, my staples this summer in Cyprus!

What were/are/still are your staple fashion pieces this summer? I don't want summer to end! I can't believe it is the last full week of August! Can time stop flying by please!! My current staple is the Zara leather tote bag I featured in my last post, but all summer I was rocking this fringe bag! and chunky statement necklaces! Do let me know your favorite pieces to rock in the comments below!

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Have a great rest of your week, 



Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yellow Blazer and Back to work!

Hello loves!

I am finally over my jet lag, but I found out my wisdom tooth is infected, which isn't making me feel too great... Got some meds and hopefully I'll be back to 100% soon! I am also back at work, and slowly easing back into the daily routine, it has been a struggle getting back into it after relaxing and being out of the country!

I have my committee meeting next week (after fourth year we meet with our dissertation committee to update them on our progress and future plans/timeline to graduation), and this is an outfit that I am planning on wearing! It is a rather casual meeting, but I still want to look presentable, so I opted for simple solid colors that definitely make a pop!

Everything that I am wearing I bought while I was abroad (with the exception of the shoes)! I fell in love with Zara and Mango stores, found throughout Europe, and the prices are really affordable compared to their counterpart stores here in the USA! I had a previous pair of jeans from Zara that were super comfortable, so of course I tried on a few pairs and ended up buying this pair, dark stretchy jeggings from Zara! I also loved Zara's blazers! They had a few styles on sale, and I almost bought a white blazer (so close!) but decided against it because I don't have the best luck with not spilling on white things... I ended up finding this even more flattering yellow blazer that was more expensive but definitely worth it! It is made of quality material and I fell in love with the cut! 

The shirt underneath is a simple black tank from Forever21, paired with heeled booties from Express. I saw this purse while shopping at Zara, it looks like leather and is reversible, red on the inside, with a small zip up pouch inside to keep all your belongings safe. I really like it because it is big enough to fit my stuff while not needing to be too big, and it is jus so stylish! And once I get tired of the black I can wear it red! My jewelry was bought in Barcelona, I loved it! I went to a small boutique store and found these earrings and statement necklace! And lastly, these big cat eye sunglasses were only 20 euro from Mango! I had been on the lookout for cat eye sunglasses for a while now, and these are great quality for their price! They block out the sun well!

Blazer: Zara | Jeggings: Zara | Shoes: Express | Tanktop: Forever 21 | Purse: Zara | Sunglasses: Mango | Necklace and earrings: Boutique store in Barcelona

My hair has gotten so long, by the way, now looking at the photos! I am thinking of getting it cut soon (short, like up to my shoulders for something new), but I kind of want to do something fun with it before, like dying it a fun ombre? dark blue? What would you think? Should I cut it or leave it? Short or just a trim? Ombre or highlights?

Wish me luck with my committee meeting next week!  I will likely have an idea of my timeline to graduation and the rest of the work I will be doing the rest of my time in my PhD! And then getting some career advice!

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What do you think about this outfit? Do you like the blazer? Do you own any fun colored blazers or would you only wear a simple dark color? Let me know in the comments below! 

xo Andrea

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Friday, August 14, 2015

PhD Fashionista turns Three! Birthday Giveaway

Hello loves!

PhD Fashionista turns three this weekend! To celebrate,  I am hosting another giveway, this time a bunch of beauty samples/minis in a cute little makeup bag! This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone or any company, just my own makeup bag because I want to thank you all for your continued support!

I have grown so much with this blog in the last three years, and I originally started it not thinking anything serious about it! I wasn't posting regularly, didn't have any dedication, and slowly throughout the years I have grown in the blogger community and have greatly upped my quality of posts, photos, and am posting more quality content in a regular fashion. This blog has also opened many doors for me and I have met some great people, some of whom have become close friends! Who knew, that a side hobby would link me with so many great people! And it offers a nice place to release stress when I don't want to think about work/science! I actually look forward to preparing my post the night before when I get home, even if I am exhausted from a long day at work!

Only within the last year has my blog really taken off, when I started taking it more seriously, started going to blogger events in LA, and bought a new camera and lens. Putting a little effort really goes a long way, and it's really nice to have something to provide a work/life balance! I am all about work/life balance recently, after coming back from my trip!

I have accumulated several really pretty makeup bags due to my Ipsy glambag subscription, but I figured I would gift one of my favorites, this pretty pink white and gray patterned makeup bag!

The Items part of the giveaway:
1. Bare Minerals 5 in 1 BB advanced performance cream eye shadow with SPF15
2. It Cosmetics CC+ Color correcting full coverage cream with anti-aging hydrating serum, SPF 50+
3. Ojon Color Sustain PRO - protects color for 40 washes!
4. Model Co Cosmetics Blush Cheek Powder in Peach Bellini
5. Ayres Body Butter - with essential oils of jasmine and rosemary
6. Hang Ten 08 Dark Tanning Oil, Natural Sunscreen SPF08 protection water resistant for 40 minutes

Unfortunately, this Giveaway is only open to those in the USA (I don't want to be shipping creams and liquids internationally, it will cost a lot more $$), sorry about that! but still feel free to take part if you like! Use the rafflecopter to enter! The giveaway will last for two weeks and will end on Aug 28, and I will announce the winner at my next post on that Tuesday (Sept 1!).

There's also a link to the giveaway on my facebook page, so you can enter there too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Goodluck and thanks for celebrating PhD Fashionista's 3rd Birthday with me! Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer in Greece - Denim and Lace

Hello loves! 
I am back in full swing, finally back from my conference in Spain and vacation in Cyprus! I hope you enjoyed my previous posts during my trip, and now I bring you another fun photo shoot I had with my cousin in Protaras, a town of Cyprus with some of the more beautiful beaches on the islands! We stayed at a resort by the beach for the weekend and it was a great time! The resort had a really nice pool and its own private beach, walking distance from other picturesque beaches! I will share some photos from this on another post this week! 

I had a great time at the conference, I got to meet and network with other scientists and make some really great connections! I also got to see and explore Barcelona, which has been a city I have been wanting to visit for a long time now (since middle/high school!). And then hopping over the mediterranean to Cyprus was the icing on the cake, where I got to further extend my trip and relax by the beach and see family! 

I am currently suffering jet lag, I had a pretty awful trip back, making three stops, a twelve hour layover and attempting to sleep in the airport in Barcelona, a delayed flight that caused me to miss my connecting flight to LA, so I had to spend the night in a hotel in Philly. It was a 3 day process (its never taken me more than 20 ish hours to get back across from Cyprus to LA...). So with my lack of sleep I haven't been able to catch up yet and going back to work...its a tiring experience. Hoping I can get back to normal schedule soon!

This outfit I wore one of the nights in Protaras, where we went out with my cousin and her bf and his friends - I really liked how casual yet still dressy it is, enough for dinner and then drinks at a little bar. I loved the scenery around the resort, there was this amazing little church overviewing the sea - I fell in love with the crisp white and blue accents! 
I bought the lace cut out top in Cyprus at Debenhams, by Jane Norman. I really liked the lace detailing and it really fit me well! I paired it with these light wash denim shorts from Hollister, I was really surprised that I fit into them - I always assumed Hollister's pants would be too small for me (I tried on their jeans once and they wouldn't fit over my bum!). I was a little insecure in these because I felt like my thighs looked huge - but I said to myself, look at how strong your legs look! They look big but they are strong. My legs have always been something I have been insecure about, but I need to get over that! The wedge heels I wore are from New Look, and I just love the cork wedge with the peep toe! Take a look below for the rest of the details!

Top: Debenhams, Jane Norman | Shorts: Hollister | Shoes: New Look | Fringe Purse: Ross Stores | Bangles: Gift | Sunglasses: Gift store |

What do you think about this outfit? I wish I could wear something like this to lab! 
I actually was sad I had to put pants on, I actually texted my friend, "If I put pants on does that mean that vacation is officially over?" 

Sadly, yes it does mean vacation is finally over!
Hopefully I can get over this jet lag soon! Do you have any tips for getting over jetlag?

Have you ever been to Barcelona or Cyprus? Where else in the mediterranean have you been? I'd love to know in the comments below!


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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Black and White - Bringing back a Strapless Sundress

Hello loves!
It has been quite a great trip so far, and I am happy to be able to kick back and relax, away from the lab! Sometimes you need to take a break to be able to come back and be more efficient and active!

Today I am trying to survive the heat of Cyprus by wearing another dress to keep cool! I am bringing back a strapless sundress from many years ago, with this paisley black and white print strapless dress from American Eagle Outfitters. I haven't shopped there in the last year or two, mainly because I don't go to the mall as much, and I think my fashion taste has evolved a bit, but I saw this dress in my closet when I was moving and figured I would bring it back! Only thing is I have to wear a strapless bra, which I don't usually like, but for this style its worth it! And once again I am recycling accessories I have styled before, but they really help pull together a great outfit! The purse is a wallet purse that I have worn before, by Franco Sarto, a necklace that I got from Walmart for 5 dollars and never wore because I didn't know what to wear with, and the strappy sandals I have worn with so many outfits - that I got in Hawaii! These are really the perfect sandals because they match well with everything! So less shoes to pack! And they don't hurt your feet (unless you are standing for hours!).

Dress: American Eagle Outfitters | Necklace: Walmart | Purse: Franco Sarto | Sandals: Local Store Waikiki | Sunglasses: Gift shop | Bangles: Gift | 

I have been wearing this dress to a few beach parties over my swim suit, it is perfectly light and doesn't get dirty (it hides it well!), and its great to wear to the beach or even to a beach cafe in the evening! It is such a casual dress, I love how it can be dressed up or down!

What do you think? Would you wear this to the beach and out with friends? When you are going to a beach bar or cafe, would you wear a casual strapless dress? Have you shopped/bought any dresses from American Eagle ? What's your favorite sun dress shop?

Let me know in the comments below!

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