Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Living Room Inspiration - Blue like the Sea

Hello loves!
Happy first of July! I can't believe it is already July! Where is time going!? It feels like it was New Years Eve just yesterday!
I have had a rough couple of weeks with non stop work and stress, and getting really stressed out about my move this weekend to university apartments. I was really anxious to make everything official, but everything is working out and I have transferred all the utilities etc.! Now comes the hard part - packing up a whole apartment's worth of furniture!

I currently have a living room/dining room set up that I like, but with having a new place, I want to switch it up a bit, and what better way to switch it up than with changing in some cool accent pieces!

1. A neutral sofa - I currently have a dark gray microfiber/plush sofa, and it is perfect because it goes well with so many different color schemes! I originally wanted a red couch because I wanted a red/gray/white/black set, but I am glad I didn't go for the red couch because I would be stuck with it! Some set ups look great but I like to change things up and a neutral sofa/couch/love seat is perfect! I prefer gray or black!

2. Patterned/Colorful Throw pillows - I have a lot of colorful throw pillows on my couch and love seat, they are all red and white colored right now, but I want to switch it up with blue/turquoise and white! A nice way to add an accent color!

3. Unique Side Table - I currently have plain black Ikea side tables that I bought for $10 each, which is a great deal and goes well with anything, but I found these really cute side tables that are unique and add a pop of color! How cute are these! I love the patterns, particularly the twig one! So cute!

Living Room Inspiration - Blue like the Sea

4. Coffee table - I currently have a coffee table from Ikea as well, it is plain black and I bought it for $40, which was a great deal! Here are some coffee table inspiration pieces similar to what I have right now, but I particularly like the thick accent table that completely sits on the ground! What a unique great touch! 

5. Plants/Succulents/Accent pieces - Plain and simple accent pieces, like small vases, small pots with succulents, or simple flowers - all add the great amount of detail while still being subtle! Succulents are rather cheap to buy at the store/nursery, and the pots they come in are relatively cheap too. You can also buy fresh flowers and place them in a plain round vase for an elegant touch! 

6. Unique Lighting - One thing I would spend money on is unique lighting pieces. I love hanging pieces/chandeliers, which I have one from Ikea that I got for $10 that I string to hang over my dining table! Adds a really cool touch. I have a unique floor octopus lamp that I found on amazon, which is a really cool addition to my living room. I also have a plain floor lamp for some extra light. I don't have side table lamps, but they would add more light to the room! 

7. Art - I love colorful art in my apartment - I have found so many nice paintings and pieces to hang in my apartment, but being a poor grad student, I don't have the money for that! So, what I ended up doing, was buying a 5-pack of canvas on amazon and some acrylic paint, and painted some pieces to hang on my wall! It is rather cool because you can stick to a similar color scheme and you immediately have one of a kind art to hang in your apartment! 

A lot of these things you can find similar pieces at Amazon, Ikea, or a thrift shop! Or even Craigslist or yard sales! I know I will be looking for some new pieces in the next few weeks as I settle down in my apartment, and hopefully I can post a photo soon :)

What do you think about this summer inspiration for your living room? What do you think about turquoise accents? What is your living room's color scheme? Do you like a neutral couch as a center piece or do you prefer a colorful couch? Let me know in the comments below!


Shop the pieces on Polyvore:

Arteriors sphere chandelier

Pull chain lamp

Worlds away lighting

Warm white light
$24 -

Purple canvas wall art

$135 -

Modern planter

Cotton throw pillow
$42 -

Photo wall art

Plush throw pillow
$21 -

Pomax flower stem

Vintage wall art

Canvas wall art

Home decor

Circular table

Accent table

Amish table

Blue end table
$73 -

Black accent table
$23 -

Upholstery sofa



  1. Oh wow, you moved! Moving is not easy and people say it happens that we always lose one or 2 small things when we move - I can say it did happen to me, once! I really liked the pieces you selected here and also, the descriptions of what works, and more than that - colorful art! And the way you solved it, by painting yourself some canvases! Well done! I would love to see the result, really!

  2. So sorry to hear about the stress, Andrea. I had a stressful winter/spring due to some major deadlines and staff shortages. Thankfully, all turned out well in the end--no doubt yours will to! I adore the lovely inspirations you've featured. Having just redecorated my family room---truly, there's no better way to enliven the spirit than to get those creative decorating projects underway. Hugs, T.

  3. I love these ideas! I'm going to be moving soon as well, so I'm on the hunt for home design inspiration :)

    Bella Pummarola


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