Friday, June 26, 2015

Sunny days and pretty prints - Summer lab wear in LA

Hello loves! 
I am finally bringing you an outfit post, that I am actually wearing to work today! I shot this look a few weeks ago and never got around to posting it! I am in dire need of sleep, but my experiments leave me no mercy and I must go to lab tomorrow (its Saturday, sigh...).
But anyway, I am wearing this cute comfy outfit today since I have been wearing jeans and sneakers all week. Leggings are my favorite, although I do need a longer top to cover my bum, so this floral print floaty top is perfect! Super cute print that I have had in my closet for years now, and never fails to look great! Top is from Forever21, and leggings I believe I just got them from Ross, but you can find them anywhere - I usually get them from H&M and buy new ones when I get holes in them! Just plain black leggings. The accessories I love, because they are simple yet super cute, with gold accents! 

The bag I am wearing is a bag I basically got for free from, Mod Top Handle Messenger bag, that is normally I think $129, but I got for free (just paid for shipping!) because I had enough "Ifchic" coins - check out their site for more details, I was not paid to write about this, but just wanted to share because you too can get free stuff! I recently ordered a $149 dress from there with my ifchic coins!!). This bag is really cute for work, and fits all of my essentials! I tend to carry a large tote bag that I fill with things and ends up being super heavy -- this bag I make sure to just bring what I need! Perfect for a light day!

This outfit is not only casual but lab appropriate, since legs are covered! I am just itching to wear shorts and sandals, which I can do to walk to work but the second I step into lab, must be covered up. This whole strict covered up business at UCLA sounds a little ridiculous, but I am thankful for being covered up when I spill something and it splashes - believe me it happens more often than you think! I'd rather not have chemicals on my bare skin! So I unfortunately can't wear these sandals/heels to work, but I can just change into cute ankle booties :)

It is just hard having to wear long pants every day, especially when the weather in LA screams summer; the last few days have been in the 80s/lower 90s! So nice! Just can't really enjoy it when I'm in lab 12 hrs a day :( But anywho, here is the full outfit, let me know what you think!

Top: Forever21 | Leggings: Ross/H&M | Bag: | Sandals: Local | Earrings: Express | Bracelegs: Gift and Charlotte Russe

I forgot to mention, how cute are these little tassle bracelets I am wearing? Not sure how well you can see them (I didn't think to get a closeup of them), but they were super cute and super cheap from Charlotte Russe! I was inspired by the Yayoi collection from Boyajian Trend Gallery, so I found a cheaper (not as cute but still cute) alternative, and these are just too fun! 

This background really reminds me of Spanish influences, found right in the heart of Hollywood here in LA, and this just makes me excited for what is to come when I head to Barcelona next month! SooOoOooOoooo excited! Hope to bring you Conference outfit photos and other fun photos, especially after I head to Cyprus, I can bring you some beach fashions :)

Hope you have an amazing weekend, thanks for reading! 
Let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below! 


Photos taken by my friend Emily from!  :)


Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Trends - Dresses galore!

Hello lovelies!
I've had a rather busy/stressful couple of weeks, so apologies on lack of regular posts! Busy with pushing forward a project as fast as I can before I leave the country for a conference, in addition to finding out I'm moving at the end of the month (thank you University housing for the last minute notification!), I've been a little bit of a mess with very little sleep!
In addition I have been itching to go shopping, I haven't had a chance to go to the mall/stores recently, but I have been online window shopping... every few months I decide to spend 100$ or so on some new pieces. I had been looking at new arrivals/dresses on Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and my fashionista friends told me about Zara's summer sale on summer dresses! I was ecstatic, but I don't get paid until next month so dresses will have to wait (my online shopping cart is full and waiting! ;) ) I am tired of the clothes I have and I need some new pieces for outfits to shoot!

While online shopping, I decided to pop over to, and came across eShakti's new summer dresses, and if you remember back in December I had a collaboration with them where I reviewed one of their dresses, and I remember how cool it was to customize my dress. Well, here are some of my favorite upcoming summer trends, with picks from their website - and then a coupon code at the end! There are some really cool pieces that are totally lab appropriate, and the code will give you $35 off (There's a lot of stuff on sale too, so take off 35$ and you are getting an amazing deal!)

I really think this is cool - same dress, different neckline, sleeves and length!

The Trend:
In one of my recent posts, I wore a romper with a geometric print, and I have been seeing so many people/bloggers wearing cool jumpsuits! These ones I selected can totally be worn to the lab (the pant ones, not the romper), and the necklines aren't too revealing! The floral romper would be great for a weekend brunch with friends! I really adore the Chambray jumpsuit and the Herringbone Maroon jumpsuit - they seem to be very flattering! 


The Trend:
Shirt dresses
Shirt dresses are probably the most easy things to wear, and easily paired with leggings, and voila! A cute outfit for work while still feminine! I particularly liked these shirt dresses, and as you can see I am consistent with the Maroon color and Chambray (my newest obsessions!). These Shirt dresses are easily transitioned to wear out with removal of leggings and addition of some strappy sandals or heels! (I tend to work until 6-7-8 pm, and don't have time to go home to change before going to an event, so these kinds of outfits are my favorite!)


The Trend:
LBD - Little Black Dress
Black is always in style, and the LBD is perfect for a night out! I don't get to go out very often, mainly because when Friday night comes around and I just worked a crazy long week in lab, I don't feel like going out, and a netflix night and wine sounds amazing - but every so often it is nice to dress up and go out! I went out this past Friday night to West Hollywood, and I had a great time! I wore a LBD and felt so fabulous! I love the neckline of the Havana dress, and i love the skirt detail of the Floral lace shift dress and the embellished tulle dress!


The Trend:
White Haute
Since I am SO EXCITED to go to Barcelona and Cyprus in a month, I am dreaming of summery nights and days on the beach - and what better to signify summer than WHITE! I am in love with each of these dresses I selected here! I tend to try to avoid white because I always spill things (whenever I wear a white top to work, I always spill coffee! :( oh well). But I absolutely love the skirt detail of the embroidered mesh poplin fit and flare dress! how fabulous is that! And the detail of the neckline of the Morgan dress?! Do you like wearing white?

The Trend:
Checkered and Chevron patterns are super fun! I really like the colors of the check notch neck dress, and it looks super flattering! Similarly, the check shawl color dress looks super fun and cute for summer. The check maxi dress I am in love with, particularly the neckline with the floral embellishments! Maxi dresses are perfect for summer nights, and can even wear to lab! Such a cute trend for summer!

 The Trend:
This trend was one of my favorites, and I couldn't pick just 3! I love fun patterns and styles, and I just love these picks from eShakti! I have seen similar trends on other websites as well! Cute whimsical prints make the piece a statement, and the center of attention! Whether its the whole dress, a cute skirt, or a statement top, what a better way to dress this summer! I can't pick a favorite from these! Again, can pair with some leggings, but better off wearing statement pieces out  to dinner or brunch!




The Trend:
I've been looking at Chambray as a trend for months now, and have yet to buy a piece. I am itching for the perfect chambray piece, as most of my friends I have seen wearing chambray wear a chambray button top, but eShakti's chambray selection is beautiful! I fell in love with the chambray maxi dress, I saw it on the model on their website paired with jewelry and I NEED IT! and with that price, with my coupon code, why not!!! :D Perfect addition and super cute! The chambray wrap top is also so easy to wear to lab, can be so stylish and comfy!


What do you think about these trends for summer? And what do you think of the pieces I selected? Would you wear these to work, or more for out with friends/dinner/brunch?

With these prices, why not check it out! Definitely a great deal with my coupon code you can use!

Let me know in the comments below!

GC CODE: PHDFASHIONISTA35Valid till 06/30/2015
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Not valid on previous purchases / purchase of gift cards.
This gift coupon cannot be transferred, re-issued or exchanged for cash.
Minimum order value $30.

Have an amazing week!


*Disclaimer, I have not been paid to write this post, just wanted to share some cute trends with my readers and a coupon code eShakti provided me with that could save you some money and provide you with a great deal on some really cute clothes! :D xoxo

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Shoe Picks - Wear to...

Hi lovelies!
With summer basically here (depending on where you live, but in LA it is summer already!), ever wonder what shoes to wear? I love shoes, but working (or basically living) in the lab really limits what kinds of shoes I can wear... must be closed-toed shoes, but on the weekends/evenings I branch out and wear a pair of my cute shoes (my closet is full of shoes!!).
Here are some picks for this summer, with selections to wear for various places.

1. Lab - Since UCLA requires closed toed shoes, I picked some cute sneakers/boots/flats! The black Nikes I actually own and are my go-to shoes, particularly because it is less to carry if I want to go to the gym! But the flats are really cute to transition for dinner or any other occasion after work!

2. Beach - I love wearing flip flops to the beach (and other occasions, but they look too casual sometimes), particularly because I don't care if they fill with sand - super easy to clean, versus sometimes sandals you get sand caught, etc. There are some really stylish "thongs" (flip flops) that you can buy for a little more money, and they look more dressy. I recently bought some cheap flip flops at target for 2 for $5, which was great, because I just want them to walk around the house or go to the beach! I have a "dressier" pair similar to these that I got from Charlotte Russe for rather cheap too!

Summer Shoe Picks - Wear to...

Summer Shoe Picks - Wear to... by andreah227 

3. Around Town - 
I am a huge fan of really cute strappy sandals! They just add a nice touch to any outfit, and are rather stylish! I love white ones, I used to have a pair just like these white ones, but they ripped! I love these ones with fringe too! And I also love gladiator style sandals! I have always liked them but not sure if they would look good on me because I have short legs!

4. Night out -  I LOVE love love strappy heels lately! I really want a pair of strappy black heels, like these pictured here. I also am into nude heels too, they just seem to elongate my legs, with both the style, the height, and the color! 

What are your go to's for shoes this summer? What are you wearing for various occasions? Do you agree with my picks or even disagree? Let me know in the comments below!


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Dsquared2 black sandals

J.Crew flat shoes
$245 -

Nike footwear

Tkees beach shoes
$77 -

Converse high top shoes
$78 -

Gladiator sandals

Jigsaw thong sandals
$76 -

$62 -

Military boots

Blue shoes

Topshop slip-on shoes
$37 -

Havaianas white shoes
$34 -

Black shoes

Aéropostale white shoes

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