Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Exp Bio Day 4 - #ExpBioFashion

Hi everyone!
Today's post comes to you with some awesome fashion from people who have been attending the conference! I met a lot of great, interesting people at various networking events, and while I felt a little shy to pop out my camera and ask to take photos of people's fabulous outfits, the topic of being a fashion blogger for the conference came up - and I got a lot of positive feed back! 
Being the only one at the conference from my lab and not knowing anyone else attending, I had throw myself out there and just meet others, start conversations, and have a good time. I met a lot of great students presenting their research, not only graduate students but also some undergraduates, in addition to professors and recruiters.
Each night of the conference there was some kind of networking event hosted by various committees, and I made sure to make an effort to attend as many as I could. Not only were there free drinks, but  some good food and company. Worst thing that can happen is I get bored and I can leave. I ended up staying the whole time to each event I went to and had a great time with the people I had met!

I was able to take photos from a couple of fashionable people I had the pleasure of meeting, and they were more than willing to let me take their photo! 


Monday, March 30, 2015

ExpBio 2015: Day 3 - Reppin the Blue and Gold

Happy Monday!
Today is Day 3 of the Experimental Biology 2015 conference here in Boston, MA, and it is getting good!
I woke up early today to head to a Post Translational Modifications Session on Arginine Modifications, and it was great! I learned a lot about the research that is going on in my field, and I got to meet another professor who I have collaborated with/tested some enzyme activity. The session was 2.5 hours long, but it seemed to fly by. Each talk was about 20ish minutes I believe, and there are some really interesting things going on in the arginine modification world! One of the most interesting things I learned is about Arginine Phosphorylation in bacteria! If you are knowledgable about the eukaryotic proteasome degradation system, you know that proteins get marked for degradation by ubiquitination, which then signals shuttling/entrance into the proteasome and then the protein will get degraded.
Apparently, some bacteria, specifically Bacillus subtilis have an arginine kinase, that originally was identified as a tyrosine kinase. First off, I didn't know that arginine could get phosphorylated. Second, this phosphorylation is thought to work as a degradation marker for the proteasome in these bacteria! I did not know about this. The fact that arginine, which is positively charged, can become a bulky entity with now a large negative charge, I guess it just never crossed my mind!
After this session, I attended a bioinformatics session on how to find proteins with unknown function through online database searches and groupings. I learned how to use new online tools that I will check out to learn more about my enzyme and its orthologs!
There are a couple of networking sessions coming up tonight, and I am excited to attend and meet more people! So far at every session I have gone to I have met a lot of great, nice people who do amazing research. The next session is to "Celebrate the JBC (Journal of Biological Chemistry)", where we can meet the associate editors of the journal! I am super excited about this because I am currently finishing up writing my first author manuscript for submission to JBC -- so this will be a great opportunity to meet those in charge and make some connections. In addition, it adds a personal touch -- when requesting editors for your paper, without knowing who these people are or having any experience in writing/submitting a manuscript to a journal, it is a little daunting. I am excited for this opportunity! After this event, there is another networking/social event for "Young and Emerging Scientists (Y.E.S.), where there will be music, food and drinks! I am excited to also meet some more students.
Networking. Networking. Networking!

Oh, and my outfit. I almost forgot, got so caught up in the amazing time I'm having here going to talks and meeting people! Today, since I have finally learned my lesson about the cold in Boston, I decided to wear my black dress pants from NY&C, and I wore black boots under them that are comfortable enough to walk around in all day. Usually I would opt for heels but this time I am going for comfort (and they still look good with the dress pants!). I decided to wear a blue/white/yellow blouse my aunt also sent me for my birthday (haha, another nice piece she sent me, she sent me a whole big package), and it is from Oasis. It was a little loose so I used a black skinny belt with some gold accents from Kaitlyn Clothing that I bought a couple of years ago. It also happened to match my UCLA school colors, so it is like I am repping my school! I decided to also wear another statement necklace, a white one from Charlotte Russe that I have blogged about before. I love being able to rewear and repurpose my pieces! It creates a totally different look while getting my money's worth! Here are only a few shots, I was in a rush to get to the convention center  because I had to be there early... but they came out cute!


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Experimental Bio 2015 Conference Day 2 - Fashion and Recap of events!

Hell everyone!

Welcome to my Day 2 recap of the Experimental Biology 2015 conference!
Today I decided to go for a little more dressy, I recently bought this dressy midi skirt, a la Kim Kardashian (or so it reminded me of her), so I wanted to wear it out. This morning I changed outfits maybe 5 times before I decided on this combination.
I bought this dress skirt last minute at Ross, by Eci New York. It was the perfect size and super flattering. It wasn't tight or too fitted, I could easily move in it as it was made with stretchy fabric. I also wore a coral blouse top with a jeweled neckline I bought at Charlotte Russe. It was perfect because I didn't have to wear a necklace or jewelry after!
Since this is Boston in March, I had to make sure I wore a cover up. I originally was going to walk out of my hotel room without a jacket since it was super sunny outside, but then I realized this wasn't LA. And boy, was I right. IT. WAS. SO. COLD.
Since I grew up in Massachusetts, I didn't think the cold would be such a big deal. But it was, when I wanted to wear something cute like this outfit. The leather jacket that I love (from Express) was definitely not warm enough, because I was FROZEN wearing it. Do not be fooled, I look happy in these photos but I was freezing! Tomorrow I will be better prepared, with a more warm jacket and pants most likely!
Nonetheless, I really loved this outfit. I felt like a fierce fashionista, and felt super chic! The criss cross detail of the skirt was very flattering, and added a nice touch! Tucking in the coral blouse was also very flattering, and made me look slim! The jeweled detail was perfect for the conference, since I didn't have to add more pieces to my outfit and there was still an element of glam!
I topped off my look with a coral lipstick from last year's Kate Moss collection, #12. It was great because it lasted the entire day! It was great. I felt fab walking around the conference center the entire day! I wore some "comfy" low heels I bought from Payless, so they were cute but still fashionable. Walking around all day, though, it started to hurt.

And the Science:
Today I attended a poster session, where I knew some friends were presenting their research. It was fun hearing them talk about their research, and I learned a lot of new things!
After the poster session I quickly had lunch and checked out some of the vendors/exhibitions that were set up in the exhibition area. I got some free stuff, like pens, syringe highlighters, a mug, a water bottle, and more!
After about an hour of walking around, I headed over to one of the sessions I was waiting for all weekend, PTMs and Lysine Modifications. It was an amazing session, with a lot of cool research going on. I was really impressed by the talks, especially since 3 of them were student talks, and one was even an undergraduate!
I won't go into the scientific details about the talks, mainly because its getting late and I need to go to sleep (need to be up and at the conference center by 9:30 am tomorrow, and its already 2 am :o :(  ) This time difference is a real struggle, and I have a long day of talks and sessions tomorrow!
I did have a chance to meet a professor I had read a lot about and read a lot of his papers, it was great to make that connection! The professor had actually read a recent paper of mine that was published earlier this month, and I got some ideas about new experiments to try.
It was great! I am looking forward to the next Post Translational Modficiations Talk session tomorrow, on Arginine modifications. Right up my alley! I'm excited. I'm just hoping I can get up and be at the convention center on time!
For more specifics on talks, feel free to take a look at the Experimental Biology 2015 website, and also check out my twitter feed @phd_fashionista.

Here is today's outfit:


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Experimental Biology 2015 Conference - Day 1 Fashion and Recap

I am reporting to you live from Boston, MA, where I am attending the Experimental Biology 2015 Conference, as a member of the ASBMB! I am going to be blogging about the conference daily, so be on the look out for new posts from now until Wednesday! This is different than my regular posting schedule where I post twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, so I hope I don't overwhelm you with my posts! And I will be talking about some science, but I will try to integrate conference fashion as a relevant topic!

My Conference and blogging essentials: My camera, my conference badge, my iPad to take notes and update social media, and a staple, a statement necklace!

Today was the first official day of the conference, with the Opening lecture for the ASBMB track at 6 pm, followed by a welcome reception. There were several events, talks and workshops going on during the day but they were mainly for travel awardees. Seeing as I landed late last night, and the three hour time difference from west coast to east coast, I unexpectedly woke up at 11 am... and was I in for a surprise, it was snowing! It looked very pretty from my hotel window, so I didn't mind it. I ended up walking around Boston and got some lunch, took in some sights, and just enjoyed my time before heading to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to sign in. But really, the snow got old really fast. I wasn't prepared for snow, and it was cold! I was lucky to get a hotel near Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market, which has a lot of nice restaurants, shops, bars, etc. very close by, and not too far of a walk from the Convention Center (1.3 miles).

What about the science? The ASBMB Opening Lecture was for the Herbert Tabor Research Award, that was given to Dr. Joan Steitz from Yale University. She gave an AMAZING talk on "Noncoding RNAs: Small, Large and Viral." After a great introduction, Dr. Steitz talked about 40-50 years of research on noncoding RNAs and how her laboratory team has uncovered several groundbreaking things, such as the triple helical structure of viral noncoding RNAs, which I think was the coolest part. Noncoding RNA-protein complexes are found in most eukaryotes, and Dr. Steitz's lab looks specifically at viral noncoding RNPs, particularly in gamma-herpesviruses. What I thought was most interesting, was the prevalence of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in adults (98.5% of adults have a latent form of EBV). EBV, which causes mononucleosis (or what we commonly know as "mono") as well as certain cancers, encodes for certain small RNAs that can alter host metabolism for the advantage of the virus! Other viruses contain similar types of RNA structures, but with limited sequence homology, which I thought was rather interesting. Through these structural homologies, they were able to identify other viral noncoding RNAs and found the triple helix structure, which forms in order to prevent degradation.

And the Fashion: Since it was snowing, I figured it would be relatively cold outside, which it was (32 degrees!), and I figured I would get soaked walking around, so I opted for jeans and my knee high boots instead of dress pants and heels. I will wear those tomorrow when the weather is supposed to be nicer. I went with a plain white tank top from Forever 21 with a navy blazer I got from Ross the other day, from the brand "Mine." This navy blazer is super comfortable and warm, with some gold button details on the arms and to button it up. It is very flattering and was the perfect addition to my outfit. To accessorize I wore my Yayoi Midnight Waters Necklace I got from Boyajian Trend Gallery that I have worn and posted about a few times now. It really is a versatile piece that can be worn with different outfits and still make a great statement! When I have some more money I would love to get another necklace in a different color! Here is a look at the outfit!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Jil Sander Navy Event in Beverly Hills Recap and Style Inspiration!

Hello lovelies!

In last week's post I talked about a fashion event I went to as a part of LA Fashion Week with a fellow  style blogger at the Jil Sander Navy boutique store in Beverly Hills. I was excited to be a part of this event, and it was a really great experience. The boutique had several models standing in the middle of the store wearing various pieces of the Spring/Summer '15 collection for Jil Sander Navy.

For those of you who haven't heard of Jil Sander, Jil Sander is a minimalist German fashion designer that has been around for a while, and the pieces in their collection are always simple yet super chic and edgy! Granted, the pieces in the Jil Sander collection are rather expensive, and they recently launched the Jil Sander Navy brand, with a supposed more affordable collection while still preserving the minimalist feel of the original brand.
Granted, even with this being a more "affordable" line, the pieces still range between 150-1000... which, on my poor graduate student budget, is impossible.
BUT! That didn't stop me from getting inspiration for outfits and attempt to find similar pieces at a more affordable price, from say, Forever 21 or other cheaper stores.

Here are some photos from the event! We started the night off with some champagne while the models stood and showed off the clothing, and we were able to peruse the store with the awesome collection!

I absolutely adored this simple navy blue dress with the orange/coral accent pockets! It was such a cute touch! I really loved the combination of navy and orange throughout the collection!

This crazy cat print was so cute! There were sweaters with this cool crazy cat print, and I fell in love! But the sweater was about $500. Way too much, but so adorable! There are other printed sweaters out there that you can find at a much more affordable price! 

I loved this dress! The navy and orange stripe geometric print was super pretty! I would totally wear this to a conference, a business meeting, or even a casual yet classy night out with friends! 

Geometric floral prints were AMAZING and scattered throughout the collection!

I fell in love with the handbags in the collection! They are all so simple and chic, but again, super expensive! I really fell in love with this small black bag, that looked like an envelope! It was adorable and I could totally see myself using it every day!

And here is a shot of me with my blogger gal pal Samira, from www.stylemesamira.com who invited me to go to the event with her! I had a blast!

Here are some "cheaper" pieces I found inspired by the Jil Sander Navy collection!

Dino My Gosh dress from              Chiffon Bohemian Dress
ModCloth  $49.99                              Rosegal.com, $15

I definitely am going to incorporate more navy and orange pieces into my outfits in the coming season! Love it! I can totally see myself incorporating similar geometric prints and colors in my outfits to wear to lab!

What are you thinking of wearing this coming spring? Do you have any special inspiration?
Let me know in the comments below!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Floral Print for Spring BBQ!

Happy Spring lovelies!
This past weekend I went to a BBQ with some friends up in the valley at Lake Balboa. It was a glorious spring day in Los Angeles, and I was expecting the cherry blossoms to be in full bloom! Upon arriving at the lake, there were no cherry blossoms, but the trees had some I guess... but not as great as in the past when I have come to this lake!
It was a potluck style BBQ, and we all brought a dish to share, and burgers were cooked on the grill!
After stuffing ourselves and enjoying the sun, we decided to head back to west LA for a cat nap/food coma nap. 
I decided to wear this really pretty dress I received from my Aunt for my birthday, from PinkWoman. I adore the floral print on the skirt of this dress! It is so pretty and the colors are super feminine and soft. The black top of the dress is super flattering, and then floats out with the skirt!

Dress: Pink Woman | Necklace: Botswana Necklace, Minu Jewels | Sandals: Charlotte Russe | Tote bag: Forever 21 | Bracelets: Gift | Sunglasses: Gift Shop

The colors of the dress complimented the Botswana Necklace I have worn from Minu Jewels, it was a great addition! I wore gold sandals I purchased from Charlotte Russe, and reused my favorite tote bag from Forever 21! 
It was a nice but still casual outfit! And since it was so warm out, it was nice to not have to wear pants and finally wear one of my many dresses!

What do you think about this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!



Monday, March 23, 2015

Makeup Monday - InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask Review!

Happy Monday everyone!
Today I am bringing you a review for a recent product I received, the InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask! I was excited to try this product because I have been having issues with my skin just being out of control, and I am preparing for the conference I am going to in Boston at the end of this week! During the special time of the month my face just goes crazy with acne! You would think being in my later 20s now that I would be over the acne stage... I guess not. I also have a bad habit of touching my face, especially when I am sitting at my desk at work, which I have been doing a lot of lately since I have been writing a manuscript. I did some research online and came across a variety of facial masks that claim to do well for your skin, but Insta Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask seemed to have the best reviews! 
It is supposed to be a holistic detoxifier and purifier, expected to give you radiant refined skin! I needed whatever help I could get without going to a dermatologist so I decided to check out this product! All of the other reviews seemed pretty positive, with only a couple of people having reactions to it. I was sent this product to review, and boy was I surprised when I received a full size 16 oz jar to try! 

The instructions say to put on a thin layer of the mud on your face, and let it sit/harden for 10-15 minutes. I was easily able to do the full 15 minutes, and the mask dried/hardened. Some people claim to get really itchy and have a reaction to the mud mask, but I think those are rare cases and people who have really sensitive skin. It felt like a normal facial mask. After the 10-15 minutes, the instructions say to rinse off with water in circular motions. It was easy to get off, but it took me a little bit longer  because I was being extra careful not to get any of it in my eyes. Afterwards, my skin felt really clean and soft! It was really nice! It also felt a little dry, so I applied my moisturizer on top after I patted my skin dry, and voila, it was a great way to cleanse my skin! 
Here's a photo of it on my face, Warning, I look really scary and have no makeup on....

Like a true grad student, wearing a chemical elements shirt, haha, so fashionable! Excuse my scary mud masked face!

Anyway, this was a great product, and I was glad I could try it! The instructions say to only use it once a week as it can really dry out your skin, so I won't be using it again until next week! I hope if I use it once a week I will see a good improvement in my skin and acne! I can let you all know of an update after a couple of uses!

My boyfriend was looking at the bottle and was telling me how he could have brought me some Dead Sea Mud from when he went to Jordan recently... haha! I wish! That would have been cool. I'm not exactly sure which part of the dead sea they took mud to make this product, but I would be interested in finding out where! It is one of my goals to travel to the dead sea and soak in the mud and super salty water!

Have you ever been to the Dead Sea? Have you tried a Dead Sea mud mask before? Or are there any other facial masks you recommend for oily/acne prone skin?

Let me know your suggestions in the comments below!


Disclaimer: I was given this product for an honest review! All opinions are 100% my own and not swayed in any way!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Statement Dress to Impress - Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung, and tomorrow marks the first day of spring (for all of you who aren't in SoCal, for us here in LA, its been summer since the weekend!)! 
On Saturday I headed to a fashion event in Beverly Hills with Samira, a fashion blogger from Stylemesamira.com! Post coming up to recap the event next week! It was a rather hot day (90 degrees F!), and so I busted out my favorite black dress shorts that I have had for years, I believe since I was 16! 
I really wanted to wear my new Midnight Waters Necklace from the Yayoi Collection at Boyajian Trend Gallery, so I tried to come up with an outfit that it would be the centerpiece! I love figuring out outfits to go with statement jewelry pieces, and this was a great opportunity since it was a nice day out! I wore a plain white tank top from Forever21 that I got for $2! and a gray mini vest that I have had for some years, probably since high school as well!
I wanted to wear heels to the event but I knew I would be standing/walking around so I wanted to be comfortable. I wore these heeled sandals that were super comfortable that I bought in Hawaii, from a local store in Waikiki called Island Fever.
I then quickly curled the ends of my hair, which came out nice and took me only 10 minutes! I was amazed at how fast I have become at curling my hair. It also helps that I hadn't washed my hair in a couple of days -- this makes for easier to curl hair! I wore it half up so I could get some of the attention on the necklace! 
Tank Top: Forever 21 | Gray Vest: old | Black dress shorts: old | Necklace: Yayoi Collection Boyajian Trend Gallery | Bracelets: Ivory given as gift | Watch: NY&C

While this would be a great outfit for a day out during the weekend, I surely can't wear this to the lab with the sandals and the shorts.
If I was going to transition this for work, I would just switch out the shorts and sandals for dark jeans and my black boots, or, if I was to wear this to a conference, wear some black dress pants with boots or closed heels. The top with the vest and necklace would be cool to add some style and flare for work otherwise!

What do you think about this outfit? For work, would you just change the shorts to pants and boots? Or what would you do differently to transition this better for work? Let me know in the comments below!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Makeup Monday - Daily look with Naked2

Welcome to another edition of my Makeup Monday Series Tutorial featuring a daily look I created with some neutral shades from the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette. To be honest, I didn't have the $54 to buy the Naked2 palette, but I love all the shades, especially after using my Naked3 and Vice3 Palettes. 
I found on Groupon a palette series called "Exposed," which features several shades suspiciously similar to the three Urban Decay Naked palettes on sale for $18 each. I decided to just go for it and ordered the "Exposed 2" palette, which has similar shades to the Naked2 Palette! I can tell the difference in the quality of the eye shadows, but they do their job and achieve the look I want. After using this palette, I will definitely be purchasing the Naked2 palette next time I have some money to spend at Sephora! 
This is a perfect daytime look, I tend to wear some neutral gold shades to work, they give some glam while not being too over the top. 

The Tutorial:

1. First, prime your lids with an eye shadow primer, I uses Urban Decay Primer potion!
2. Sweep (1)#16 and (2) #15 across the inner part of the lid. These shades correspond to (1) Snakebite and (2) Chopped on the Naked 2 Palette.
3. I then dipped my brush into (3) #18 and (4) #23 to get a darker shade and applied it to the outer corner, dabbing it going into the center part of the lid. These shades would correspond to (3) Pistol and (4) Busted on the Naked 2 palette.
4. I then tried to blend the dark shade into the gold shades using the fat end of the brush.  I also used (2) #15 in the crease to blend into the brow bone.
5. Line the upper lid with a liquid liner, bringing it to a cat eye if you like (Check out my Winged Eye liner tutorial HERE).
6. Coat your lashes with mascara and enjoy your look! I used Urban Decay Perversion Mascara with Subversion Lash Primer! For my liquid liner I used Maybelline Line Stiletto! My favorite!

And the numbered pictorial for shade placement:

Have you tried a cheaper "knockoff" version of a more expensive makeup brand? Have you noticed a difference in quality?

While I in no way can say this is equivalent to Urban Decay's Naked palettes, it still gives me a similar look with a more inexpensive palette.

Let me know what your go-to daily makeup look is! I prefer the golds, but would love to hear what you like!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Road Trip to Vegas, Pit stop fashion

Hello lovelies!
Today I bring you fashion from my recent road trip to Vegas for my birthday! The road trip from LA is a good 4 hour drive, if you don't stop at all...but being cramped into a car for 4 hours can sometimes be unbearable, so we had to stop a little more than half way in the middle of the desert, in Baker, CA. At this pitstop we got some snacks and drinks at the local gas station, and there was some interesting scenery. I busted out my camera and had my friend snap some photos of my outfit. 

We took a lot of cool photos in front of this "Do Not Enter" sign, and in front of the "Bun Boy Motel," but my camera was in full on manual mode and we didn't realize there was too much light hitting the camera sensor... SO...we got some washed out photos. They came out cool, but I really wish they weren't so over exposed! Here are just two of the photos I took that were over exposed. what do you think? 

Well anyway, back to my outfit. Here are some close ups of my jewelry, top, and shoes!

Dress: Maxi, Charlotte Russe | Top: Hollister | Booties: Express | Necklace: Botswana Necklace, Minu Jewels | Bag: Forever 21

For the road trip I wanted to be comfortable, especially since I would be in the car for 4 hours (it actually took us 5-6 hours with traffic and stops). I wore a black maxi dress I bought from Charlotte Russe last year. I wanted to be more casual, so I put this floral embroidered/lace like top from Hollister. It made the outfit so much more casual than wearing the Maxi Dress by itself! I topped it off with another one of my favorite necklaces, a new piece I received from Minu Jewels, the Botswana Necklace! I am in love with the stones and the gold chain pieces that hang! 

My hair was just casual and straight, half up with a clip, and minimal makeup. I just put some liquid liner on the top of my eyes, mainly because I wanted to keep my eyes ready to apply my makeup fresh for when we arrived in Vegas! We ended up going out to dinner at BurGR in Planet Hollywood, Gordon Ramsay's burger restaurant (AMAZING!), and I wore this outfit, after touching up my makeup and redoing my hair! 

What do you think about this outfit? Would you wear it for a road trip or is it more suitable for something else?

Let me know in the comments below!


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