Friday, February 27, 2015

It's my Birthday! Celebratory Outfit!

Hello loves!
It is my birthday today! I am officially closer to 30 than 20 now :( Granted, I'm still young and no complaints here, but here I am sitting thinking about how much I've grown in the last 5-6 years! Not only have I changed coasts (West coast vs East coast), but I feel so much happier at this point in my life! For once I feel like I have things under control, both life-wise, school-wise, project/research-wise, and now blogging-wise! It's a good feeling to start off this next year, with many more changes and opportunities in the next year!

If it's one thing I've learned this past year, is you gotta "hustle" to make your dreams come true! Now, by hustle I mean work hard, as we say in the blogging world. Blogging started out as a simple hobby that I didn't put much effort into, and now I am excited to take good quality photos and to come up with different posts every week! It gives me a creative outlet, when I feel like sometimes research takes over my life. I LOVE to shop, especially have been shopping a lot recently, so this is a way for me to showcase my new findings :)

Anyway, here is an outfit I wore to dinner with the boy for my birthday! It is a simple outfit, I have worn this outfit before but now I made it more appropriate for going out rather than the lab - reusing elements I have worn before in recent outfits (like the necklace, the tank top, and the shoes!) to make a completely different outfit! I normally don't like wearing white bottoms, as I have a tendency to spill things. But I absolutely loved this statement white poofy skater skirt from Kaitlyn Clothing, here in Westwood near UCLA.  The skirt is super flattering and flirty. I paired it with a simple black tank top I have worn multiple times before, my leopard print heels from Jessica Simpson, and lots of accessories to complete the outfit! 

My necklace is from Charlotte Russe, and I have worn this in a previous outfit. The black bracelets I have also worn before, gift from my aunt. I also wore some pretty bracelets from a current favorite, Boyajian Trend Gallery, the Bisous White Mother of Pearl Bracelet of their Missoma Collection, and the Fibonacci Petal Trio Bangle from their Believer Jewelry collection! These pieces were just so cute and made the outfit! I am also carrying the Taupe Leather Tag clutch from Boyajian Trend Gallery's Toscannia Collection! It was very versatile as I could tuck the chain strap inside the bag and use it as a clutch! 
Top: Tank Top Forever 21 | Skirt: Kaitlyn Clothing | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Bracelets: Missoma Collection and Believer Collection from Boyajian Trend Gallery, black bracelets were a gift | Purse: Toscannia Taupe Leather Tag clutch from Boyajian Trend Gallery

What do you think about this outfit for a casual yet still sophisticated birthday dinner?

To continue the birthday celebrations, I am heading to Las Vegas later today for birthday celebrations with friends for the weekend! I am really excited for great food, great company, and a great time! I've had a really busy/hard two weeks with research/work, so it will be a nice small "trip" from LA to Vegas to celebrate and not think about lab for a little!

I will post my going out outfits, as we are definitely going to a club tonight after dinner! Look out for my birthday celebration outfits coming next week! 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I love hearing from you! 


Monday, February 23, 2015

Vanity Fair Social Club in Hollywood - Pre-Oscars events

I recently had the chance to be a part of the Vanity Fair Social Club (#VFSC)  Pre-Oscars week events for Social Influencers at @WeWork in Hollywood! There were week long festivities including panels with various speakers, Q&As, free things, free makeup, nails and hair styling, happy hour drinks, food, networking and more! 
Being a busy graduate student, I was having a crazy week at the lab, but I managed to sneak out of work early on Friday afternoon and took the bus from UCLA to Hollywood just in time for a panel, drinks, some food, fun with some great ladies! I also made it on Saturday, the last day of the the VFSC events, and it was a blast!
I got to see my friends and some Blogger Babes, (blogger babes represent!) and I got to take some really cute and funny pictures at the #VFSC photo booth! We all loved that thing, it was very amusing! Took some funny photos with Heidi from The Ambitionista, Alma from Practically Fashion, and Chantal from Boyajian Trend Gallery!

There was also a Twitter-powered Vending Machine, giving out a lot of free stuff such as full size Armani Mascara, Armani Lipstick, L'Oreal Makeup Palette, the new Acqua Di Gio cologne, Grey Goose Copper mug for moscow mules, Clarisonic face cleanser, and more! It was so awesome! I took home one of each of these, except the Armani Acqua Di Gio cologne... hehe 
I missed a lot of the events from previous days during the week that I wish I had a chance to go to, but friends told me they were amazing as usual, and they got to meet the new face of Armani Acqua Di Gio among other awesome celebs! There is always next year, hopefully I can attend more events next year!

What to wear to such an event? Since I had to go to work before the event on Friday, I decided to dress up for work - I wore a cute black dress with flower skirt I had received as a gift, and I wore my new necklace from Minu Jewels. I didn't get a photo of the outfit at the event, but I will post an outfit photo soon! I wore black leggings and black ankle booties from Sam & Libby, which were nice and stylish, and also comfortable! AND, this outfit was easily transitional from work to play.  Everyone at work was asking me why I was dressed up; I didn't think I was THAT dressed up, but maybe I was ;)
On Saturday, I decided to be a little more casual, as I had to attend an outreach event for a student group I am a part of at UCLA. I wore a blue/white/yellow floral blouse with blue and gold drop earrings, some dark jeans, and black knee high boots! It was rather stylish and comfortable to spend a nice day -- again, coming up in an outfit post!

Can't wait to review/try this new Armani mascara and lipstick! I have been using DiorShow Blackout mascara religiously (as I have posted before), and this new mascara is considered the "Mascara of 2015," so we'll see how it measures up to my test. And this lipstick, it is bright red -- I have been itching to get a lipstick of this shade, and an occasion to wear it!

Here are some photos from the Photo Booth with some hot blogger babes! 


I took a look at the Oscars Fashion this year, and there were some AMAZING dresses on the red carpet! Wish I could've gone to an Oscars Viewing party or one of the actual Oscars parties, but oh well, maybe next year!

Did you watch the Oscars / The Academy Awards? What was your favorite red carpet look?

My birthday is coming up on Friday, and letting you in on a little secret, I am heading to Vegas for the weekend with the boy and some friends! Birthday fashion to come soon :)

I love events like this! So much fun!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! xo


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Casual transitional outfit - Work to Going out - Earth tones!

Hello Loves! Happy almost Friday!
Today I bring to you an outfit that I frequently wear to work, as it is comfortable enough to wear to lab, and with just a change of shoes, I can easily wear this to go out after work without having to go home to change!
I LOVE earthy brown tones mixed with black. You would think they don't go well together, but in this outfit, I think they go very well! Accented with gold/black/brown/ivory accessories, I think it is a great outfit! 
I wore a black tanktop underneath this flowy blouse-type shirt that I can easily take in/have worn with a black skinny belt, and some plain black leggings. I got this blouse at a small local shop during my trip to Hawaii this past labor day. 
I have been itching to find an excuse to wear my leopard print heels, and this outfit was a perfect combination of colors for that! They were pretty comfortable to wear as well. 
I accessorized with some bangles that I have worn before in other outfits, a gold chunky necklace from Charlotte Russe, a Bisous white Mother of Pearl Ring from Boyajian Trend Gallery, a Yayoi Blanched Almond Bracelet also available from  Boyajian Trend Gallery, and a black clutch that doubles as a wallet from Franco Sarto. 
I also curled my hair quickly using my straightening iron, and did not add any hairspray -- and surprisingly my curls stayed for a while after taking these photos! I was shocked. Must be the humidity (or lack of ) in LA that made them last! Usually they fall out rather quickly!
As far as makeup, I went rather neutral, and just a nice pink lipgloss. I wanted to keep the focus on my outfit that I fell in love with! 
Top: Black tank top, Forever 21. Tribal Print blouse, Island Fever, Honolulu HI | Leggings: H&M | Heels: Jessica Simpson | Accessories: Ring: Bisous White Mother of Pearl Ring from Boyajian Trend Gallery, Yayoi Blanched Almond Bracelet from Boyajian Trend Gallery, Black clutch from Franco Sarto, Bracelets gift |

What do you think about this outfit? Would you wear this to work, or even going out?
How do you work some transition outfits? 
Let me know in the comments! 




Monday, February 16, 2015

Makeup Monday - Makeup Brush Kit Review from

Hello loves!
Welcome to another week of my Makeup Monday series, this time for a review for a Makeup Brush Set I was gifted from I have been looking around for a complete makeup brush set, especially now that I am a lot more serious about my makeup (for both eye makeup and foundation/face makeup). I had been looking on Sephora's website for an affordable makeup brush set but every set that had the brushes I wanted were super expensive! (I'm talking like $100+!) Can't really afford that right now, so I was delighted when Tmart contacted me to review this specific item!

This 24 piece Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush set (FC0407006), found HERE, is the perfect set for me! It came in this really pretty pink leather case that folded up nicely, making it compact and easy to travel with! When I opened it, it has a leather flap that folds over the brushes, keeping them safe! Opening the flap, I was super excited to see a complete set of brushes, ranging from brushes for eyebrows/eyelashes, to eyeshadow, to lips, to face! Perfect! and the hairs were really pretty, with pink tips for some of them.

This is what the website says the package comes with:

  • 3 x Blush Brush
  • 8 x Eyeshadow Brush
  • 1 x Lip Brush
  • 1 x Brow Brush
  • 1 x Eyelining Brush
  • 1 x Eyelash Comb (Round)
  • 1 x Eyelash Comb (Flat)1 x Fan Brush
  • 2 x Powder Brush
  • 4 x Imminent Amphibious Brush
  • 1 x Sponge Applicator

I found that the kit had different kinds of eyeshadow brushes, for example, a blending brush, crease brush, eye shadow application brush, etc., for a total of 8 eyeshadow brushes.  There is one large blush brush, a foundation brush, concealer brush, and more!

The complete set of brushes!

Eyelash/eyebrow brush, Spoolie Brush, and two shadow sponge applicator brushes

Eyeliner brush, angled liner brush, small rounded liner brushes

Small smudged brushes, concealer brush, small concealer brush

Small fan brush

Flat shadow brush, eye shadow brushes (crease, blending and plain shadow brushes)

Foundation brush, Large angled Blush Brush, Small blush brush, and a Powder Brush 

Large Fan brush

A view of the size/handles of the brushes

These brushes form a complete set for all of your makeup needs! I was surprised at the quality of the brushes! They are sturdy, but still lightweight. For the price they are on (Around $15), I was expecting much cheaper brushes, but these seem just as sturdy as some more expensive brushes I have bought from Smashbox and Sephora! They are also really comfortable to hold, and the brush hairs are super soft! I was happy with the quality of the hairs, as they are really soft and not coarse like some cheaper makeup brush sets, and they don't fall out! The black aluminum base connects the hairs to the handle, and it is a very sturdy design! The leather case is really high quality, and fits all of the brushes perfectly! 

The only negative thing I have to say about these brushes is that they aren't numbered, and being new to figuring out what brush does what, I had a hard time identifying the brushes, so I had to do some googling. But other than that, I was pretty satisfied with this set! Some people online complained that these brushes smelled, but I didn't notice any smell with the brushes, and if there was, it was really slight. The website even says if the brushes smell it comes from the way they clean the hairs, and to just wash them before first use.

Shipping was relatively fast, I got them within 2.5 weeks, which isn't fast but it also isn't bad, seeing as they are shipping from China. I believe shipping is free worldwide, and Tmart processes/ships within 24 hours. They also have other types of products, not just makeup products, so do give their site a look. I personally haven't ordered anything else from their site so I cannot comment on other products.

Overall, I'm really happy with my first complete Makeup brush set, Thanks to! I have saved a lot of money since I was originally going to order a set from Sephora that would've cost me a fortune. This is definitely an amazing starter kit and even good for intermediate makeup gurus, so I would definitely recommend this product! I can't wait to complete makeup looks using this complete set! And, seeing as I will be doing some traveling soon, I will have a compact kit to take with me! 

Thanks for reading! 

Do you have any makeup brush sets you are in love with? Any one specific brand in mind that you use? I know a lot of people love MAC specific brushes or some other nice brands, let me know in the comments below! I'm always up for trying new brands and brushes!

xo Andrea


*Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted this kit from Tmart for review! All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way!*


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Outfit - Bring back body-con

Hello loves!
With Valentine's day in a few days, I thought to show you all what I'm wearing this Valentine's day! I have plans with the boyfriend for a quiet night in (which includes cooking dinner), but that doesn't mean I can't dress for the occasion!

I have recently been wearing flow-y dresses, but back in my early 20s I was a huge fan of the body-con dress! I have since gotten a little more conscious of my body when wearing a tight fitting dress, but I thought why not. After cleaning my room this weekend and finally putting away all my clothes, I rediscovered an old favorite, this black textured body-con style dress from TopShop, that I bought in London back in 2010! Since I went with a black dress, I decided to accessorize with some pops of color, red, gold, and white! I used a red bow clutch I bought last year from The Limited, a white drop statement necklace from Charlotte Russe, a pink/rose gold cocktail ring from the Ona Chan Collection from Boyajian Trend Gallery, and some black and gold bracelets. I also used a red lipstick from Rimmel London. which I have been itching to wear! For shoes, I decided to wear my red strappy heels, I don't remember where I got them from, but they were perfect for this outfit!

This outfit was the perfect combination of romantic and also a little sexy. Paired with big curls (which lasted for hours by the way, uncommon for my hair!), a smile, and a relaxing night, makes for the perfect Valentine's day!

Dress: TopShop | Accessories: Clutch: The Limited | Ring: Ona Chan Collection from Boyajian Trend Gallery | Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Bracelets: Gift | Shoes: Gift

What do you think about this outfit? Is it too sexy, or the perfect style for Valentines? 

What are you wearing for Valentines day, and do you have any plans with a special someone? 

Let me know in the comments below! 

xo A



Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentines Day Romantic Pinks - Vice3 Tutorial

Happy Monday loves! With Valentine's Day this weekend, I decided to create a romantic pink look to wear to dinner! I used the same pink shades from my Vice3 Palette that I have used to create a different look/tutorial, but this one is a lot more subtle and romantic! This palette is so versatile that you can create super dramatic looks or more subtle romantic looks! This is one of THE palettes to take with you when traveling since you can create any kind of look!

The Tutorial:

1. First, prime your lids with an eye shadow primer, I chose to use Urban Decay Primer potion.
2. Sweep (1) Bobby Dazzle across the inner corner of the lid, priming the lid with a nice shimmery white color, and I also spread this white shade across the middle part of my lid to act as a base. I wanted to create a glam, romantic look. I focused on the lower part of the lid, close to the lash line!.
3. I added (2) Alien slightly in the inner/middle lid, to get some pigment, and going over some of the Bobby Dazzle. I tried to pack a little bit more to make it more pigmented but be careful not to put too much, because I didn't want it to be too bright. The Bobby Dazzle underneath made this shade lighter, which was a pretty touch.
4. I then added (3) Sonic to the middle, packing more to try make the shade brighter. This was a good way to blend/transition to the darker shade.
5. Add (4) Bondage to the outer corner, dabbing it to get a dark pigment effect, use it to blend in the crease. Be careful of fall out with this dark shade, as it might smudge.
6. I then used the fat end of the brush to blend the colors, and I also tried blending in towards the crease of the eye to get a smooth effect.
7. Line the upper lid with a liquid liner, bringing it to a cat eye if you like (Check out my Winged Eye liner tutorial HERE).
8. Coat your lashes with mascara and enjoy your look! I used Urban Decay Perversion Mascara with Subversion Lash Primer! For my liquid liner I used Maybelline Line Stiletto! My favorite!

And the numbered pictorial for shade placement:

I just love being able to create such different looks using the same shades!
I submitted this look to a bi-weekly makeup competition on, check it out and give me a vote if you liked this look by clicking HERE! Every vote counts :)

What kind of shades are you going for this Valentine's Day? 
Any special plans? I might just be going to dinner with the boyfriend :)
Let me know your special plans in the comments below!


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Friday, February 6, 2015

Semi-formal Presentation Outfit

I had to present my research in front of a seminar class on Monday, and I was rather nervous. I had to summarize my last four years of data into a 40 minute presentation in front of my peers and professors! Since it was just for a seminar class, I didn't have to get all dressed up, but I still wanted to look presentable and nice! This is what I wore, and used accessories to add some flair!

I wore a blue and white stripped button down shirt over a white tank top for some extra coverage, light washed skinny jeans, knee high heeled boots, and lots of detailed accessories! I wore this BEAUTIFUL "Midnight Waters" Necklace from the Yayoi collection of Boyajian Trend Gallery. The colors matched beautifully, and acted as a nice statement piece for an otherwise simple outfit! I also wore some silver bracelets from some new designers I am in love with, the Arabesque Bracelet from the Nadia Dajani collection and the Olmedo bracelet from my new favorite Minu Jewels, both also available at Boyajian Trend Gallery! I also wore a cute silver sparkle watch I received as a gift from NY&C,  and a matching cocktail ring also from Boyajian! 

I started using my iPad a lot, and instead of lugging around my laptop, I loaded my presentation onto my iPad and connected it to the projector system in the seminar room! I used my new Bagabook case, which I switch out sometimes for a notebook to take notes for research seminars! Super handy!
I particularly love the black bagabooks, as I can match them perfectly with my outfits!

Top: Blue and white stripe Button up, White tank top, Forever21 | Jeans: Zara Trafaluc | Boots: Target | Necklace: Yayoi Collection, Boyajian Trend Gallery | Bracelets: Olmedo Bracelet, Minu Jewels and Arabesque bracelet, Nadia Dajani, Boyajian Trend Gallery | Watch: NY&C | Ring: Boyajian Trend Gallery | Clutch/Case: Bagabook

What do you think about this outfit? Would you wear it to a presentation? I think it was perfect for a casual yet still stylish presentation! and the jewelry was a great touch to make the outfit!

Let me know your thoughts.



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