Thursday, January 29, 2015

Conference Fashion with Statement Pieces

Some fun news -- I will be a Meeting Blogger for a conference I will be attending for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) at the end of March in Boston!
I'm really excited because I will get to blog about the science and fashion! I will be presenting my research in a poster session, as well as attending talks from renowned researchers, networking, and making connections with scientists! Stay tuned for outfit posts from the conference as well as some scientific posts - not sure yet if I will be posting here but more info to come soon!

Here is a professional conference look I styled with some statement pieces -  a plain white tank top with a pretty black pencil style skirt with pleats, a perfect canvas for bright, colorful accessories!

I fell in love with this Sasassi Necklace from the Minu Jewels collection of Boyajian Trend Gallery, as well as a lovely green cocktail ring from their Ona Chan collection! I also included a basic Black Gold bracelet from the Yayoi 'Element One' Collection, also available at the Trend Gallery! It was such a cute, subtle, but still statement piece, and very unique from other bracelets I have seen/own/worn!

I was mesmerized by everything from the collections on Boyajian Trend Gallery, I had a hard time deciding what to accessorize with, but these pieces stood out to me.  I adore the Sasassi Necklace and it adds the perfect amount of color to my outfit while still looking professional with the rest of the outfit! The Black Gold bracelet also added a nice touch!

I also take a lot of notes on my iPad, and to keep it stylish and matching with my outfit, I used a Bagabook cover, which looks like a purse or clutch, and I could match several different patterns with my outfit (see photos below, I mixed and matched!). It was a great and versatile way to accessorize my iPad! Until now I have been using an ugly blue Apple cover... now I can go to the conference in style! Bagabook also has covers for notebooks and books, perfect for taking written notes at the conference!

Since the conference is in Boston during the spring, and having grown up in Boston, I know the weather will be unexpectedly cold! So in order to keep warm (we are spoiled here in LA, where it was 70 degrees out while blizzarding in New England), I paired a black leather jacket, to give an edgy but still fashionable and professional look!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Makeup Monday - Winged Liquid Liner Tutorial

Hello loves!
Happy Monday! 
I am just getting over/still having a little cold, but that hasn't stopped me from working like a mad woman, both at work (trying to submit a paper!) and on the blog (some new collaborations in the works!).

Here is a requested Cat Eye Liquid liner look that I seem to have perfected -- practice makes perfect! I use the Maybelline Line Stiletto - It is amazing and so easy to use! 

The Tutorial:

1. I first apply my eye makeup, I created this look using the Naked 3 Palette.
2. I start by lining the inner corner as close to the lash line as possible, with as steady a hand as possible! If  you cant get a straight line, start with small dashes and connect them!
3. I then move to the end and draw a line for the wing!
4. Then, keeping the skin taught, I complete the "triangle" for the wing.
5. Next, I finish the liquid liner on the rest of my lid connecting to the wing
6. Lastly, I fill in the wing with my liner as best as possible!
7. Repeat on the other eye.


Practice makes perfect, so just keep working on it if you have a hard time drawing a nice presentable wing liner look! Sometimes I don't get it to look the same on the other eye but you learn. 

There are lots of Youtube tutorials on how to do this, so check those out too for some inspiration!

If this isn't clear, let me know in the comments below and I can try to make a Youtube video as well!

xo - Andrea


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Transition Wear - Lab to Night out

I recently went out for dinner for DineLA week at this AMAZING sushi place called Sugarfish. It was sooo delicious, totally worth the price! I had a pretty busy day in lab so I knew I wouldn't have time to go home to change before the dinner reservation with friends, so I wore an outfit I knew I could easily transition from day to night!

Transition Wear - Lab to Night out

Transition Wear - Lab to Night out by andreah227 featuring kate spade jewelry

I wore this burgundy/maroon dress I got from H&M (similar shown here) for about $12, that was really flattering. It was similar shape to these dresses shown here. 

For day time: I wore black leggings under the dress so it would be lab appropriate (must cover legs), and I paired them with some black ankle booties that were comfy enough to walk around all day! I matched it with a simple black necklace and some black studded earrings (again, similar shown here). I have a big black tote bag that I carry my gym clothes, lunch, and other random things to work. I would LOVE to get a Michael Kors bag, but too expensive for me on a grad student salary!

For night time: I removed the leggings and switched to some over the knee boots, a chunky black necklace with some gold, some dangly earrings and a black clutch (all similar shown here). 
It was a really cute, sultry outfit, perfect for a night out and dinner with friends at a posh little sushi place!

This dress style is very versatile, and I love the burgundy color this season!
What do you think? Do you ever wear outfits you can easily transition if you don't have time to go home to change?

xo Andrea

H&M black pants
$19 -

Ankle boots

Over the knee boots

Alexis Bittar white earrings

Kate spade jewelry
$300 -

Vintage necklace


Monday, January 19, 2015

Vice 3 - Tutorial 3 - Goldie Pink!

Welcome to Part 3 of my Vice 3 Tutorial Series! I am obsessed with this palette and how many vibrant looks I can create with it! On this MLK day, I am heading off to lab with a late start (I deserve to sleep in!), I created this vibrant, fun Goldie-Pink look using shades I have used before in my other tutorials, but they all work well together as well! I am surprised how many different looks you can create with this palette! And the colors are so vibrant and bright, it is beautiful! Check out the look and tutorial below! Complete Look by Urban Decay Products (Eye shadow and Mascara!)

The Tutorial:

1. First, prime your lids with some type of eye shadow primer, I chose to use Urban Decay Primer potion.
2. Sweep (1) Bobby Dazzle across the inner corner of the lid, priming the lid with a nice shimmery white color.
3. Dab (2) Sonic slightly in the inner/middle lid, I figured out that when looking straight into the mirror, I put it slightly to the inside of the actual iris. I tried to pack a little bit more to make it more pigmented but be careful its not too red.
4. Add (3) Lucky to the middle, adding more to make the shade brighter to be able to discriminate it against Sonic.
5. Add (4) Bondage to the outer corner in a V-shape and use it to blend in the crease. Be careful of fall out from the shades, especially with this dark shade, as it might smudge.
6. Use the fat end of your brush to blend the colors so they aren't too separate.
7. Line the upper lid with a liquid liner, bringing it to a cat eye if you like.
8. Coat your lashes with mascara and enjoy your look! I used Urban Decay Perversion Mascara with Subversion Lash Primer!

What do you think about this look? Would you wear this look to work or do you think its more appropriate for night time?

Want to request any looks or a look for a special event with this palette? Let me know in the comments below and I'll try to create a look tutorial! 

xo - Andrea


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blue/Turquoise, White and Fringe - 2015 Style

I have recently been inspired for new 2015 fashion! A friend recently opened up her online shop (Check out my Facebook page for the link! and LIKE my page while you are there please!), and a lot of her pieces were very mediterranean/middle eastern in style and I fell in love! Here are some looks I put together, rather simple and featuring some loud jewelry to make a statement!

Blue/Turquoise, White and Fringe - 2015 Style

Blue/Turquoise, White and Fringe - 2015 Style by andreah227 featuring a bib statement necklace

On the left are two simple looks for day time/working in the lab, while the looks to the right can be worn for happy hour or a casual dinner after a long day in lab! 

Day: For work I love wearing comfy jeans, and for 2015 I like a light wash, boyfriend style or skinny jeans! I have also recently been loving white. This sets a perfect canvas for some colorful, chunky statement jewelry! And some really cute fringe bags (the backpack one is perfect for walking to work) with some heeled booties complete the look!

Night: Transitioning from Lab/work to night time happy hour or dinner is rather easy with some neutrals - black top with a gray skirt is always chic, paired with some pointy heels (which I have recently gotten obsessed with!). Or, go with a white slit mini skirt with a striped top! For jewelry I have chosen some stunning chunky jewelry also in neutral colors to complete the look! 

What are your style picks for 2015 trends?  
What do you think about these picks? I will have some OOTD posts coming up featuring similar pieces! 
Let me know in the comments below!

xo - Andrea

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Navy shirt
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Asymmetrical skirt

H M gray pencil skirt
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Valentino ankle wrap sandals

H&m boots
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Rebecca Minkoff boho backpack

Alexis bittar bangle

MINU Jewels star jewelry

MINU Jewels bracelet

MINU Jewels boho earrings


Monday, January 12, 2015

Vice3 - Tutorial 2 - Majestic Gold

I decided to explore more looks with my favorite new makeup palette, the Vice3 by Urban Decay! I was getting ready to go out for a friend's birthday and decided to try some bold colors! I created this "majestic gold" look, using purple and gold shades!

The Tutorial:

1. First, prime your lids with some type of eye shadow primer, I chose to use Urban Decay Primer potion.
2. Sweep (1) Last Sin across the inner corner of the lid
3. Dab (2) Vanity slightly in the inner/middle and outer lid, leaving a naked spot in the middle. I connected the two sections by sweeping across the top part
4. Add (3) Lucky to the middle of the purple shade, and pack it so it comes out pigmented.
5. Add (4) Reign to the outer corner in a V-shape and use it to blend in the crease.
6. Use the fat end of your brush to blend the colors so they aren't too separate.
7. Line the upper lid with a liquid liner, bringing it to a cat eye if you like.
8. Coat your lashes with mascara and enjoy your look!

What do you think about this look? I fell in love with it!
Doing a cat eye/winged look is a little difficult at first but it does take some practice to perfect!
Let me know in the comments if you want to see a tutorial for a cat eye!

Stay tuned for another Vice3 Tutorial next week! The looks are endless with this palette! Any requests for a type of look/color combination? Let me know in the comments!

xo - Andrea


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Vice 3 - Tutorial 1 - Pinks

Hey guys, here is Tutorial 1 in my series of Vice 3 looks! This is a simple look I created using my new Urban Decay Vice3 Palette featuring Pink shades! I fell in love with this palette from the moment I opened it, the colors are so vibrant and pigmented, they are perfect!

This look is great for a daily look, the pinks are so romantic with just a bit of drama at the outer corner with the darker shade! It also can work as a going out/glam makeup look to add some pizzazz!

Here is the look with the corresponding numbers/shades labeled!

1. First, prime your lids with some type of eye shadow primer, I chose to use Urban Decay Primer potion.
2. Sweep (1) Alien across the entire lid, making sure you get enough of it on the inner corner.
3. Blend (2) Alchemy and (3) Sonic in the center of your lid.
4. Add (4) Bondage to the outer corner.
5. Use the fatter end of the brush to lightly blend the shades so they aren't too distinct from one another
6. Line your upper lid with a liquid liner, bringing it to a cat eye if you like.
7. Coat your lashes with mascara and enjoy your look!

I don't particularly like the brush that came with this palette so I have been using another brush but mainly my Naked3 palette brush, which is wonderful!

What do you think of this look? Have you tried the Vice3 palette yet? Which are your favorite shades?

Stay tuned for my next post on another look using my Vice3 palette!

xo - Andrea

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