Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New England Fall Outfits

New England Fall Outfits

Monsoon short dress

Comptoir Des Cotonniers skater dress
$300 - comptoirdescotonniers.co.uk

A line dress

Floral dress

Skater dress
$16 - chiarafashion.co.uk

Abercrombie Fitch top

Plus size top
$42 - yoursclothing.co.uk

River Island lace shirt
$35 - riverisland.com

Vero Moda black shirt
$32 - zalando.co.uk

Sally Circle black shirt
$16 - nelly.com

Crop top
$13 - usc.co.uk

Paige Denim blue jeans
$425 - coggles.com

Anine Bing blue jeans
$190 - shopmrsh.com

Black skirt

Skater skirt
$56 - oliverbonas.com

Uniqlo mini skirt

Black legging
$23 - usc.co.uk

Oasis leather boots
$110 - oasis-stores.com

Black boots

Black boots

Forever 21 black boots

Black boots
$52 - fashionunion.com

Michael Kors watch
$370 - psyche.co.uk

Hoop earrings

Statement necklace
$13 - yoursclothing.co.uk

Charlotte Russe dangle earrings

Urban decay eyeshadow
$60 - johnlewis.com

Matte lipstick
$6.43 - newlook.com

Lips makeup
$4.75 - charlottetilbury.com

Eye makeup


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Perfect Fall Makeup

I am back on the east coast for a few days for a friend's wedding. Boston is so much colder than LA! I came back in the middle of a storm so it was down pouring and windy. BUT,  perfect reason to bundle up and lots of opportunities for fall fashion!
Went out to do some errands with my lovely mom and did my makeup with my Maya Mia palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills! The shadows are perfect for fall, and I created this nice, daily glam look by blending four of the shadows across my lid!
Shadow primer by Urban Decay, Liquid liner by Maybelline stilleto, DiorShow Blackout Mascara, Smashbox CC cream, and Hikari lipstick in berry. I feel like this look makes my brown eyes pop! 
Perfect opportunity to wear my black pea coat too! 

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Check out the pic on Instagram using the link above!

Is it fall where you are? How are you keeping in fashion with weather changes?

Xo Andrea 

Friday, October 17, 2014

What I'm wearing right now!

Who loves curly hair?? Who loves spending the time curling their hair? Not me.... I'm so lazy when it comes to curling my hair because my hair is so think it takes some time to do my entire head. But today, I was in the mood to curl my hair. I used my hair straightener that I have posted about before and I got these amazing curls! I sectioned off my hair and did each part and then the look came together after about half an hour. Sprayed with some Suave Extreme hold aerosol hair spray and I was off to work. 12 hours later, I leave work and my hair still looks exactly the same! This hairspray is amazing, especially since yesterday I lazily rules curled the ends of my hair to flip it out and give some volume and didn't use any hairspray. It looked great but fell out within an hour and by noon my hair was stick straight again, haha! So this hairspray really works if you have hard to curl hair! 
Bow earrings I bought at a small shop while I was in Hawaii :) I'm in love with them! 

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1rLqorD October 17, 2014 at 09:45PM

Xo Andrea 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Skirt and Leggings! Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
Today I rolled out of bed, super sleepy and not wanting to go to work after a nice relaxing weekend! What to wear, what to wear? I had a package for this skirt/legging combo I recently bought, so I decided it was the perfect thing to wear, since I wasn't really feeling pants today (lol). I love wearing leggings because they're so comfortable, but I always need to find a long shirt to wear over because some of mine are see through. These skirt/leggings are perfect, from Bottom's Up! that I found and ordered on Groupon! Such a good deal! Paired with a bright pink top from American Eagle and some heels from Nine West, such a cute outfit! Of course I wouldn't wear these heels in the lab, but I switched into some cute flats and I biked to work in this outfit! Cute, stylish and versatile!

I also painted my nails a few days ago. I tend to not paint my nails recently because they chip so fast with how often I switch gloves at work. I would LOVE to get a gel manicure at the nail salon, which I have gotten in the past, but it gets expensive at $25+ here in LA. I was at CVS the other day, and I came across this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nailpolish! It's basically a gel polish with no light needed! You just paint your nails with two coats of the base (I have two colors so far, Piggy and Dig Fig, my fav is Piggy, so bright!), and then let them air dry. And once they are dry, just add a layer of the Top coat, and let natural light do its business! I love the look, it matches my outfit, and it has withstood lots of hand washing and glove changing! Perfect for someone working in a lab or another job where gloves are common and a lot of hand washing! Regular nailpolish doesn't even last a day for me without getting a chip, and this has already lasted 3 days! The brand promises 14 days no chip, but I don't believe that for my kind of job. It would probably last 14 days if I didn't have to change gloves so frequently!

Leggings/Skirt: Bottom's Up  | Top: American Eagle | Shoes: Nine West | Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

What do you think about this outfit and the nail polish? Have you tried the polish before?

xo - Andrea


Friday, October 10, 2014

Blogging and Vlogging conference - FABDILab

This past Tuesday I was able to attend a Blogging/Vlogging Digital Influencer conference in Santa Monica, hosted by FAB Counsel! It was an amazing day of talks about how to improve your blog, networking with fellow fashion bloggers, and just overall a great experience! I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was on a rooftop of a building in Santa Monica that you could see the beach! And being in LA, the weather was perfect. Much nicer to spend it there than cooped up in lab!
Here are some pictures from the event! 

Feeling pretty at the event! 

Met some fabulous ladies! Check out my Instagram to see their links! 

I also met fashion blogger Sazan Barzani from sazan.me! I have been following her blog for some time now and she was just such a doll! Gave such great advice! 

There was free hairstyling and makeup at the FABDILab reception by Stylebee.com, where I got this really cool side French braid - I was in love! This is a really cool service, where you can have a stylist to your home within 2 hrs for hair and/or makeup! It's like Uber for hair and makeup! Pretty cool I may say. Can't wait to try them out! 

And finally, all of the yummy goodies at the reception by Sweet Es bakery! They were amazingly delicious!!! The reception also had beer tasting, some shopping, hair and makeup, and socializing. It was fun!

Can't wait to attend another event like this! I had so much fun and it made me forget about my grad school life for just a few hours! It made me really excited and pumped to work on this blog and bring it to the next level!

Do you know of any similar events coming up in LA or where you live? Would you attend an event like this?

Let me know in the comments!

xo - Andrea 


Monday, October 6, 2014

Fun fitness Ideas

As a busy grad student, I don't always have the chance to go to the gym, especially here at UCLA where, now that the academic quarter has started, it is very busy and crowded.
When I'm done working a 12 hr day where I have just been running around all day, the last thing on my mind sometimes is working out (although I do feel guilty and wish I would just go to the gym), but dinner and sleep sound more appealing since I have to be up and about early the next day to continue my experiments. 
How to fit in working out?
Here is what I do (and I wear cute gym clothes to help me feel fabulous and stylish while working out, I have posted about these before):

I try to work out on the weekends. Since I hope that I wont be in lab on the weekend (unless needed), I tend to go to a fitness class on Saturday Mornings or, if I would like to sleep in (as is the case now), I will go for a run around the UCLA campus or go lift some weights (some type of upper body combination, either biceps and back, or shoulders and abs, or triceps and chest; I pick a combination that I feel like working out and go with it! I add about 20-30 min of cardio at the end.

On Sundays, I tend to work on legs (my fav day of workout), where I go in the early afternoon where it isn't as busy, and I can easily find a squat rack. I do weighted squats, wide squats, lunges, deadlifts, hamstring curls, and other various leg exercises. And then I get on the stairmaster and do that for 15 minutes. Man, is it a workout, you are sweating within 10 minutes and already feeling sore! 

If I decide I want to be outside, the boyfriend and I have recently started biking to Santa Monica by the beach - we rented bikes last week and it was so fun, that we decided we were going to buy our own bikes! I ended up buying a bike on Saturday and I am in love! Went and took it for a test drive yesterday, rode a total of 20 miles round trip from my apartment down to Santa Monica by the beach down to Manhattan beach and back to my apartment in West LA. It was awesome, fun, and I was able to be out in the sun. And its a hidden workout, since it works your legs and gives you a serious calorie burn!!! I am so sore this morning! 

I try to make plans to workout with a friend. I find that this really works and makes me more likely to go to the gym. I can always find more work to do, as my experiments are never ending right now. If I make plans with a friend earlier in the day that we are going to go to the gym to workout, I am more likely to stick to it, because who wants to be that person to let your friend down because you are going to be in lab longer to keep working when you have already been in lab for 12 hours?? I try to go with a friend (if I can't make it by myself) at least 3 x a week! I did go by myself this past week though, which I was proud of myself. I used to be able to go all the time by myself but since I have been so busy it has been hard to find the motivation.

I try to work out from home. If I don't make it to the gym that day and I have energy to work out, I will try an online workout video (there are some great HIIT challenges going right now), or a yoga video (I subscribe to an online yoga site, with AMAZING yoga videos! definitely worth the subscription!). So even if I only get a 20 minute workout and even if its low impact, I still get myself moving and a workout is a workout! :D 

I actively commute to work. Since I live close enough to campus, I am able to walk about 15-20 min to work. Now that I have a bike again, I am going to try to bike to work, and that cuts down my commute to 7 minutes! It's mostly downhill then a big uphill but its a great workout! If you can't commute to work by walking or cycling, try integrating at least a 30 minute walk into your day, whether its at your lunch break or after work!

I wear cute workout clothes. Since I can't always dress up and be fashionable for lab (I try, I swear, but sometimes I'm just SO tired, I just want to put on something comfy to roll out of bed and walk to work), I try to buy some cute workout clothes. 
My favorite workout clothes that I have posted in the past are from GapFit, see previous posts, I am in love with their workout pants, particularly these heathered grey pants that are my favorite. They are comfy, give you the right curves, and just so cute! I really like their tops too, they are flattering and comfy, not tight! 
My favorite sport bras are from Victoria's Secret, they give you the right kind of support and look good under shirts. They don't flatten out the tata's which is nice. lol
I have found some nice workout clothes from Forever21, but my collection is limited. 
I also love Nike workout pants/shorts - super comfy, although much more expensive (a little more expensive than Gap).

I wear cute workout sneakers. I tend to wear my sneakers to work, as it is one less thing I have to fit in my bag as far as workout gear, and I believe it brings me one step closer to actually working out (actually putting my gym clothes on is like 90% chance I will be working out). I am in love with Nike Frees, they have cute color combinations and patterns, which can be stylish based on your workout gear if you match it up! They're a little expensive which is why I only buy one pair at a time (and I wear them until they are really worn out, haha) but if you have the extra cash, I would definitely splurge on the fashionable and comfy and productive pairs, since you will use them!!

What are your ways to keep fit on a busy schedule?
Where do you buy your workout gear from? Do you like being fashionable while working out? Let me know in the comments below!

- xo Andrea

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated for mentioning any of these brands or sites, just my personal taste and opinion when it comes to where I like to get my workout clothes from! * 

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