Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jet setting off to the islands - Hawaiian Escape!

I am super excited because the other day I booked a last minute ticket to Hawaii! My cousin lives in Oahu and I have been in dire need of a vacation (I don't think I could have lasted another week at work without some kind of break!). I found a deal on and I just went for it and booked it! Since I wouldn't have to pay for a hotel, it didn't end up being that expensive! I am leaving tonight, and I packed my bags this morning so last minute. I am wearing these gypsy harem pants with flowers and prints that my boyfriend's mom brought me from Jordan, with a black tank top and some gold sandals from Forever21. I can't wait for sun, beach, and relaxation! I am planning on spending most of my time at the beach, relaxing by myself, and possibly going to a spa or something!  It is my goal to watch the sun set each night, and I will be taking my Nikon with me, so be ready for some nice photographs! 

I had been feeling guilty to take time off because I have so much work to do in lab, but I went the entire summer without a break (except for a random forced day off because I wasn't feeling good due to stress, and hence my lack of frequent posts this summer). I have super overly stressed, and it has been affecting my health, so this was a necessary trip. As a grad student you can take time off when you want as long as you let your advisor know. I knew he wouldn't have a problem with me leaving for a few days since I have been working so hard, but it has just been self-imposed guilt about missing work. It just so happens that this weekend is Labor Day weekend as well, so I am technically only missing two days of work (Thursday and Friday, Monday is the holiday, and I will be back at work on Tuesday!). Score! Get my vacation, and get to sooth my work/vacation guilt, especially since I am at work today, I will leave tonight and arrive in Hawaii tonight :) Can't wait to explore the beach tomorrow! Hopefully these 5 days in paradise will reset my brain and I can come back to work refreshed!

What I packed .... mostly bikinis, sunscreen, and sunglasses...! Woohoo!

Bikinis I am packing: Beach Bunny, L*SPACE, Victoria's Secret (I packed a total of 5, one for each day, hehe!).

Now I am just antsy to get through this short work day to get to the airport. I want to be in Waikiki already!!

Have you ever booked a last minute vacation getaway by yourself? How was it?!

xo, A

Friday, August 22, 2014

Urban Decay Perversion mascara

I recently received a small sample of Urban Decay's new mascara, Perversion in my August Ipsy Glambag! I was really excited because there was all this hype about it!
My usually mascara is the DiorShow Blackout mascara! 
I really liked this mascara and it did a good job lengthening and separating my lashes! Almost better than the Dior mascara!
The DiorShow mascara tends to cost your lashes and makes them dark and long, but thus perversion mascara separates each lash! 
Here is a comparison of the brushes from each mascara, DiorShoe Blackout (left) and Perversion (right).  The Urban Decay mascara wand has several bristles that separates and coats! 

After one coat of the Urban Decay Perversion mascara!

My lashes without mascara!

Lashes without mascara (left) and Perversion (right).

Also, this mascara is relatively a good deal at $22 at Sephora, and it comes with a mini "Subversion" lash primer! I think it's a good deal! Vs the DiorShow mascara at $25!
After wearing the Perversion sample for a few days this week, I think I will buy the Perversion mascara next and will use both DiorShow and Perversion depending on my day/mood! I'm in love!

Have you tried this mascara before?

Xo, Andrea

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

City Glam Wedding Style

Carolyn from  asked me to style my dream picture this:

A rooftop view of the LA skyline - set up with rows of tables, adorned with intricate center pieces made of roses and another selection of flowers in light pink/white/red selection (in this dream I haven't quite decided the color scheme yet, hah!), the ceremony done and the celebrations starting as the sun is setting...light fixtures with twinkling lights above, and by the small overhead covered section, the whole overhead part is adorned with flowers... and a central dance floor where the DJ is getting ready to introduce the bride and groom...

haha! this is what I'm picturing as my wedding. I hadn't given much thought to it as all other little girls do, and I had constantly been going back and forth with what kind of dress I would choose. For a while, I wanted a poofy princess ball gown with a tight corset detailed lacy top with a sweet heart neckline. But now, I am in love with the sleek dresses with sweet heart neckline. When I took a look at wedding dresses at, I fell in love with the selection of dresses, and I absolutely adored a couple, it was hard to decide which one to pick for the big day, but I went with the one shown below!

I also love anything that sparkles, so diamond crusted necklace, diamond earrings, and a to-die-for ring - ah amazing. As far as a veil, I am between getting a detailed lacy one that is short, or a longer one that extends to the floor -- both are amazing and I would definitely get some with the detail! Make up wise, I would choose some neutral smokey eye with a deep red lip, or if I went bolder with the eyes, a more natural pinkish lip color (haven't decided yet either, haha!)

As dusk settles in, the stars start twinkling, the bustle of LA is heard from down below, but the night is magical as the bride and groom dance beneath the stars.... :)

Sounds like a perfect evening to me! What do you think? What kind of place would you pick for your wedding? What kind of dress would you go for?

City Glam Wedding

Effy Collection stud earrings

Impulse gemstone jewelry
$23 -

Make up bag
$82 -

Allstate Floral fake flower

Flower bouquet

Sia home decor
$56 -

OKA white bouquet
$47 -

Patio light

LSA International flower arrangement
$27 -

The dress I chose is amazing, it is so beautiful, it is the Fiji D Blue Enzoani Dress, I am in love with it!

Oh and just so you know, I'm not getting married, just thought it would be fun to think about what I would like at my eventual wedding! :)

xo A


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summery Dress

Hey everyone!
I have been meaning to post this outfit since I got it last month but never got around to it since my laptop died!! Here is what I wore to work at the lab today! It was a beautiful day out, and I walked to lab (with flats of course, not the heels pictured) and then I put on long black leggings and sneakers when I got to work. When I went for lunch I just slipped off the leggings and put on my flats again :) pretty versatile outfit I may say :) what do you think? I'm in love with this pattern! its so vibrant and beautiful!

Dress: Forever 21 | Heels: Zara | Necklace: Forever 21 | Bracelets: Handmade

Here's a little sneak peak at the project I was talking about :) A friend and I have started making handmade bracelets. More to come later :)

PS. I can't believe its already the middle of August! where has this summer gone?

- A xo
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