Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dark Lipstick - Urban Decay Venom

So I finally caved and ordered another Urban Decay Revolution lipstick that I had been eyeing for a while now, in shade "Venom."
I fell in love with it when I saw a swatch of it on another fashion blog (I can't remember which one! ah!). Sephora had a 15% off sale for Beauty Insiders so I found it as the perfect excuse/opportunity to finally buy it!
It arrived last night along with my DiorShow Blackout Mascara that I had ordered since I was running out of my daily use one. I also received some samples, but they aren't as exciting as this lipstick!
All of my makeup came in this huge box that was filled with filling paper and then my makeup was just sitting at the bottom of it -- what a waste of resources Sephora! I am disappointed! But oh well.

To be honest I was a little self conscious to wear such a dark shade to work -- but I wore it anyway because I was so excited and I think it looks good on me? What do you think?
I managed to wear a cute dress that I got in Cyprus years ago, it has some dark fuchsia shades in the flower print, so it matches perfectly! I also wore some leggings and little gray booties. Cute outfit for a Wednesday! Especially since I will be sitting at my desk and at meetings all day!

I have also received my April Ipsy Glam Bag and I am in love with the samples! Review coming up soon!

What do you think about dark lipsticks? What about wearing dark lipsticks to work? Do you think its appropriate, especially for a lab/research setting? Thoughts?

xo Andrea


  1. You're beautiful! You look at this outfit unearthly!
    As a model - slim and beautiful! I love your style!
    You are my color inspiration: - *

    Follow you on gfc :-*

    Katherine Unique

  2. This shade is fantastic! I have a similar one from MAC and i ADORE it :)
    Nice blog!
    xx Pam

  3. This is such a beautiful color! I love it on your lips :D


  4. Lovely color, it looks great on you. I'm not a fan of Dior mascaras though, but everyone else seems to like them so that's probably just my taste :)


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