Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All day eye makeup!

Using my Be a Bombshell eye shadow quad that I received in my Ipsy Glam bag this month, I came up with this cute look for a Krewella Concert I went to at Club Nokia in downtown LA!
I first primed my eyelid with my Urban Decay Primer Potion, let it dry, and then put in the light gold color on the inside of my eye, and then transitioned into the reddish color, making sure I blended it nicely, and then put a touch of teal in the corner, finished off with black liquid liner and some of my all time favorite DiorShow Blackout mascara!

The top left picture is from the morning, and the bottom right picture is over 12 hrs later! Make up still intact! The pictures aren't very clear but the makeup STILL looked great! I definitely LOVE the Urban Decay Primer potion, I won't put on eyeshadow with out it anymore!! :D

Do you use an eye shadow primer that you can't live without? What about your favorite eye shadow?
I think my favorite is still the Naked3, but I really like this Be a Bombshell palette as well!!

xo Andrea



  1. I've never used a primer before, I don't really feel I need it. But it's amazing how your make up is still in place after 12 hours!


  2. I absolutely loveeeee all of your make up looks! Primers are a must for me. They can make such a difference!!

    Rica xx

    1. do you have any favorite ones you use?! :D xxxx


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