Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday style haul!

So here in America, the day after Thanksigiving is called Black Friday, where everyone goes shopping for awesome deals. Well, being a scientist, I had to go to work today to do some experiments, but I left relatively "early" for me, haha (6:30 pm is early for me!). So I walked around in Westwood to some stores and came home with goodies!
I stopped at Victoria's Secret and they were having an amazing sale! All of their perfumes (eau de parfum!!!) were on sale for 25$! I was able to buy these both -- Bombshell and Angel Dream, for 25 dollars each! They smell AMAZING. I bought Bombshell for my mom as a christmas gift, and Angel Dream for myself (couldn't help myself, the sale was too good...)
Bombshell is a blend of purple passionfruit, vanilla orchid, and shangri-la peony. It smells delicious and seductive.
Victoria's Secret Angel Dream is a blend of lace violet, iridescent currant and sheer sandalwood. It is breathtaking and lingers for a while! The bottle is cool too, it even has wings!
This sale is even going on online so check it out!
I also opened a Victoria's Secret Angels credit card so I got some 15 dollars off, so all in all I got these both for 35 dollars total! Such a great deal!

So after getting home with my seductive new perfumes, I arrived to a package at my doorstep from H&M. Ahh yes my online purchases have arrived, just in time for a black friday post!
I bought this cute dress online, it is a sheer pink with black lace trimming. It is very form fitting in a body con manner but not too tight (this is also a small! did i lose weight or is it just big??). It is also not too short, it comes down lower on the thigh closer to the knee! It's perfect for formal occasions. Best of all, how much was this dress? $9.95. WHAT? repeat that? $9.95. Amazing deal.

I also bought this less formal dress, with a sweet heart scoop neck, black and white polka dot, looked cute so I got it. It was cheap too ($12.95). again, it grazes the knees, so its perfect for work or a casual coffee or even dress it up with heels! 

I also bought this lace bustier top ($5.95!) I bought a medium and it fits perfectly! It has sheer lace in the back as you can see on the side of the right picture. It is perfect with a high waisted skirt (pleated black skirt I bought a while ago from Topshop in the UK). I really like this outfit! It's so cute! Pair with heels its a perfect outfit to go out! 

I also bought a sports bra for ten dollars and another lace top for 5 dollars. All in all my whole order came out to less than 50 dollars! And I got free shipping! AH who can pass up buying things?? H&M has some expensive things, but if you do your work on the website and search for the best deals, you can find some great things at a very low price!

My bills have been quite high and I need to pay my rent.... I shouldn't be spending money but I found all the best deals for my money!

Have you bought anything for Black Friday? Let me know in the comments below!

xox Andrea


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving dinner outfits!

Happy Thanksgiving!
There's a lot to be thankful for this year, but I won't go into the sappy details of what I'm thankful for, but I'm mostly thankful for YOU readers and almost having 5000 hits! Only recently has my blog started getting more traffic and I really appreciate all of my readers!
I put together this polyvore board for possible outfits to wear to thanksgiving dinner, perfect to wear to dinner at a boyfriend's family's house!
What are you wearing this year for lunch/dinner?

Thanksgiving dinner outfits!

White dress
$440 -

Pink prom dress

H M short dress
$33 -

Prom shoes

Givenchy black purse
$2,435 -

Anne Klein watch

Thomas Sabo charm bracelet
$49 -

Forever New rose drop earrings
$14 -

Black hairband

Lancôme eye makeup remover

Nyx lipstick


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Recent hairstyles

So I am obsessed with doing a braided headband! I posted the pic in "What I'm wearing right now" post from my instagram but I wore it again at another night out with my hair down! It worked pretty well! Although at first I had a hard time getting it to stay pinned to the side.
So what I did was I took a thick, long piece of hair from behind my ear and braided it. I then twisted it upward behind my ear, across my head and pinned it behind my other ear with bobby pins! It was super easy! My hair was very slippery though so I had to put some hairspray to hold it in place. But it looked so good! Like a real headband! I used my "Be a bombshell" Lip crayon from my Ipsy Glambag and I am in love with the color!

Here's the look with a messy bun! Just pull your hair back into a pony tail and wrap it around into a messy bun! Use a hair tie to secure into place! I used flower bobby pins I bought in hawaii to keep my braid in place because I couldn't find my other bobby pins! But they put a nice touch!

I also bought these Betsey Johnson earrings from Groupon! They came in and I was really excited. They were originally 40 dollars apparently, and I think I bought them on groupon for about 7-8 dollars! They are cute, I wore them to work the other day!

I had a little manicure lunch date with some friends yesterday, my friend bought her nail kit and we painted nails! I tried doing a gradient with sparkle, which came out better than I expected. Only sad thing is by the end of the work day yesterday one of my nails was ruined and today it has been chipping off. I blame the gloves we wear in lab. UGH. this is why I stopped painting my nails, because they get ruined super fast! The only type of polish I've noticed lasts a while is a gel manicure, but I can't really afford to pay to get them done frequently. I've only gotten a gel manicure twice, but I want to save them for special occasions or vacations where I know I won't be wearing gloves for at least a week!
I used to do lots of cool nail designs; I'll have to do a separate post on all of my cool designs!

What are you up to for Thanksgiving? I just got home from a long day at work, finally taking a day off tomorrow and not stepping foot in the lab! So I can just relax since I worked all weekend as well!
Anyway, let me know your thoughts! Have a great holiday!

xoxo Andrea

Friday, November 22, 2013

What I'm wearing right now!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Katy Perry Style Inspiration

Recently I have been obsessed with Katy Perry's style! I adore her sense of fashion! I think she's so pretty, and I love her crazy outfits!
I particularly like mint green and cobalt blue for the fall/winter.
What do you think? What's your fav Katy outfit?
xox Andrea

Katy Perry Style Inspiration

Alice Olivia keyhole maxi dress

Wal G peplum dress
$63 -

Club L short dress
$37 -

Cut out crop top
$5.64 -

Givenchy black handbag
$2,415 -

Glitter eye makeup


Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Ipsy Glambag review!


What I'm wearing right now!

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My FAVORITE MotelRocks patterned dress! Love this gothic print. Love the dress, I paired it with black leggings and boots to wear to work since it got a little cooler and since we have to either wear pants or be fully covered this combo worked well!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Curly hair Tuesday!

Today I woke up feeling like I wanted curly flowy hair. So instead of going in to lab early to harvest my cells ( they can grow an extra hour or two) I curled my hair and had breakfast. I wanted to test out my Sexy Hair spray clay sample that I reviewed last week. So I curled my hair and used that and put it to the test!
I realized on my way out the door it was ten minutes til the start of class. So I put on my helmet and jumped on my bike to speed to class. I made it to class in 10 min and whoa was I surprised my hair was not ruined! It worked! And now in the afternoon my hair is still curly! I am impressed! I am thinking of buying the full size! Love it!

Know of any other great hold hairsprays for girls with hair that doesn't hold curl?? 

Xoxo A

The suspect up for review!

Curled my hair! (left as I was in the process, right after I got changed and was ready to leave!)

Before and after biking! Looks just like new! held up pretty well!

And now its 2:30pm and still holding strong!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

What I'm wearing right now!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween and lipstick!

I've been a big fan of lipstick lately! I've been wearing it to Lab and I love it. I bought this new Rimmel London Kate lipstick in number 12. It is reddish coral and really nice! It is matte though, so not glossy. For this look I used black eyeliner on the water line, maybelline stiletto liquid liner on the top, and Dior Show Blackout mascara. For eyeshadow I used an old maybelline sunset bronze pallet, and I sweeped the gold across my lid.  Nice casual look for work!


I went to a halloween party Saturday night and I dressed up as Katy Perry! I wasn't planning on dressing up but I ordered this blue wig on amazon prime on Thursday and it arrived in the morning! I used the same makeup from my look before, added a gloss on top of the lipstick to make it shiny and moisturizing. I also added some false lashes to enhance my lashes since Katy always wears big lashes! I then put my hair in a bun and added the wig! I loveeeee this wig! It's so fun and bright! only thing I'm missing are the blue eyes, I want to get colored contacts by next year's halloween!
What did you dress up as for halloween??

xoxo A
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