Sunday, October 27, 2013

Makeup organization DIY

I have so much makeup and don't realize how much I actually have! I have so many eye shadow pallets and never use them! I end up spending more money on new make up pieces because I don't realize I already have a certain color, or liner, or mascara, mainly because all of my make up is tucked away in drawers. When you are getting ready in the morning you don't have time to rummage through drawers, so you just use what you have on hand. This DIY organization solves the problem!!!
I saw this idea on pinterest and fell in love!
I bought this metal magnetic sheet from Ikea ($12.99, Spontan Magnetic Sheet) from and got it delivered for 11 dollars! I then bought a roll of adhesive magnets and a hot glue gun. I tried just using the adhesive on the magnetic roll but it wasn't sticky enough and my makeup would fall because it wouldn't stick to the magnet. I used my hot glue gun to glue the magnet to the back of my eyeshadow pots and pallets. Hot glue is nice because it is really easy to take the magnet off later and just peel off the glue without ruining the piece!
So I just glued the magnets on the back and let them cool. For the bigger pallets I used two pieces of magnet just to make it stronger. You can buy magnets that are a lot thicker/stronger but I couldn't find any at the store I was at.
I then brought the magnetic board and set it on my bathroom sink next to the shower wall (my bathroom is really awkward and there is no actual wall that I can nail it to, across from the shower wall is a mirror and then a window right next to it). I was thinking of using adhesive pads to hold it up to my shower wall but the metal board is pretty heavy so I am worried about it falling and all of my makeup breaking in the middle of the night. So instead I just set it on the counter. If I can find something better to hold it up I might do it, but for now this will do! I also bought this little tray for a dollar at target and used it to organize the things I more commonly use and my pencils/mascaras. So cute! I originally had a bunch of makeup bags here with everything disorganized and messy. This clears up space, time, and looks cool!
It is also pretty customizable too. If you want to make yours more stylish, you can wrap some fabric to cover the metal and glue the ends on the other side of the metal piece, and you can even use a cheap frame that is the same dimensions as your board to make it look even classier! I am just lazy and didn't feel like looking for a frame that is the same size as my board. I might to the fabric thing the next time I go to a craft store and just buy a yard of a cute fabric!
Let me know what you think!
Next project is for jewelry organization! I'm on the lookout on pinterest for ideas to hang my bracelets, necklaces and earrings!

xoxo -A


Recent outfits!

So I've been bored lately wearing the same things - t-shirt and jeans, hair in regular pony tail. I decided to wear clothes from my monstrous closet.
Here I wore this lace top I bought from Bershka when I was in Cyprus this summer, it is really pretty. I braided my hair and used a bow clip from American Apparel. I don't like braiding my hair because since I have layers, there are always pieces that stick out of the braid before getting to the bottom of the braid. So it looks nice when I first did it but by the end of the day my braid fell apart/was very messy.
Also, my eyes were bothering me so I put on my glasses that I never wear. My vision is pretty good, I got these glasses a year ago for far away, and haven't needed them, but they helped me out last week.

I am in LOVE with this flowy top I got from Kaitlyn Clothing ( I wore it over a white tank top and a skinny black belt. It is regular sized in the front but it has a flowy tail in the back. It is so pretty!

I bought this top from Forever21 a long time ago and just never wore it! again I wore a white tanktop underneath and used a thick black belt along the hip. It was really nice and flowy again. I liked the drapey sleeves and I wore jeans for both of these tops!

I presented at a Symposium at CNSI at UCLA yesterday (Seaborg Symposium) and since I had some time in the morning I curled my hair using my PYT straightener! This isn't a good picture as most of my curls fell out on my walk to campus (it was surprisingly humid), but some curls still stayed. By the end of the symposium my hair was no longer curly and just a bit wavy... but oh well...

xoxo A


Saturday, October 26, 2013

What I'm wearing right now!

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lab Fashion

So WHO said that working in a lab/doing research meant you had to be boring in the fashion department? Not me. And that's what this blog is all about. Here are some outfits I put together that I would wear on a daily basis for work, and the best part these are all safety requirement compatible! Working at UCLA, there are really strict rules about what we can and can't wear. We have to wear pants or long dresses that cover our legs and close toed shoes that cover our entire foot. So that rules out flats and heels (why would you want to wear heels anyway? Running around all day at work = hurting and uncomfortable feet!) Here are some shoes/booties I picked to go along with these outfits. Another requirement is that long hair needs to be tied up. So why not go for a cute pony tail or even a bun? I'm recently in love with ballerina buns on the top of the head. I also really love dark and light wash jeans. I wear the occasional dress to work with black leggings underneath. Can easily be converted to more a more classy look after leaving work by just removing the leggings! and BAM you are ready to hit the town! (I usually wear dresses on Fridays).
As far as makeup, why not put some on?? I know some people don't care enough but its just like any other job. I never leave home/show up to work without some eye liner and mascara. I don't always do eyeshadow but when i do it is a gold shimmery kind that resembles the look in the picture below, but instead I use black liquid liner at the top! And I have been experimenting with new shades of lipstick as you have seen in my previous posts.
Hehe stay fabulous!
My next post will be a video review! I'm so excited to share my first video review with you!
Let me know your thoughts xoxo Andrea

Lab Fashion

Topshop swing skirt

Mossimo peplum tank

White tank top
$28 -

Ruffle front shirt

J Brand skinny fit jeans

G-Star embellished jeans
$225 -

Warehouse black skinny pants
$58 -

Pull&Bear distressed skinny jeans
$49 -

Stretch blue jeans
$45 -

Acne Studios high heel booties
$625 -

Carvela suede knee high boots
$325 -

Sperry Top-Sider brogue shoes

Wingtip oxford

Lengthening mascara

Vegan lipstick

Hair styling tool

Hair styling tool


Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend styles!

Ok so this weekend I went to an Above & Beyond show at the Greek Theater in LA and it was a totally acoustic show! As in, they played their amazing songs live with real instruments! It was amazing and the venue was gorgeous! I had never been to the Greek theater before!
I tried to recreate my bright neon green and blue makeup that I wore to the Above & Beyond show I went to last year in May! I think I did a good job and it came out great! Lasted the entire night!
I wore this cute white lace dress I bought from Target! By Xhiliration, I added the black belt and some leggings because it would be cold! I also wore this Larimar ring I bought while in San Antonio! It complemented my nail color! Twas fun. Although the show was pretty short (over by 11pm), it mustve been difficult since they were playing everything live!
How was your weekend?!
 xoxo A


Monday, October 7, 2013

Mint and Coral Pink!

This fall I have been totally into mint green and coral/pink shades! I recently wore my black maxi dress from Charlotte Russe and pink chunky necklace (similar to what I posted here) while in San Antonio -- it was so cute together! I am really digging the chunky necklace accessories. I have been wearing tops that are minty green as well. Curly hair is my fav now too! Whenever I get the chance to curl my hair I do it! I might be a little late on the trend but  I am in love. hehe what are your favorite colors this season? xoxox A
Mint and Coral Pink!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fashion in San Antonio

Today was full of exploring and walking around San Antonio! I am SO tired. We saw the Alamo, went to the conference center, went for a swim in the rooftop pool and then went and got Barbeque for dinner! IT WAS DELICIOUS. 
This is the swim suit I decided to wear, my L*space fringe audrey top in white with black bottoms. I love the fringe top. Something interesting about the pool, it was salt water. So when I got out of the pool my hair dried wavy! but it was much more calm than salt water at the beach! So I just wore my hair wavy for dinner! To dinner I wore this floral dress I have blogged about previously,  green with purple and fuchsia tones! I loved it. Oh and I also bought a cute cowboy hat that I wore to the pool and dinner. I'm in Texas, why not? :)


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

San Antonio river walk!

Ok ok this isn't a fashion post. BUT I wanted to share these beautiful pictures I took my first day/evening in San Antonio! I'm here for a recruitment for UCLA for a training grant I am on for the SACNAS 2013 conference. And OMG I am in love with this city! Our hotel is right on the river walk and the riverwalk is just so pretty! It reminds me of the venice canals! I even saw boat tours including a dinner boat tour where you can have dinner on a boat that floats along the river and there is someone playing violin! So cute! And as I sit in the hotel lobby to get Wifi to write this post, I can see White horse drawn carriages in the street! So CUTE and romantic. That's it. I'm getting my boyfriend to take me on one of those next time I'm in S.A. I'm making him come here hehehe.
Well, this picture is from the river walk. The next picture is a picture of the sunset from the Rooftop pool of the hotel (Beautiful!!!) and the last is a panorama I took of the sunset. AH I love it. Tomorrow starts the conference registration and talks! And more exploring of San Antonio! We are going to go see the Alamo too! A nice little mini vacation/break since I was going crazy with 10-12 hour days at work!
I promise I'll post an outfit pic at some point!
Enjoy the pics!
xoxo Andrea
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