Monday, September 30, 2013

San Antonio Style

So on Wednesday I am heading to San Antonio Texas for a work trip/conference! I only have to go to the conference for one day and the rest of the time I can go to talks/sight see in San Antonio! Here is what I'm feeling as far as style! I am really into red/maroon with black! So I picked out a fancy outfit for going out, and also some more casual outfits and accessories! I think these are cute and I would wear these!!

San Antonio Style

Black oxford

Black crop shirt
$32 -

Red lace top
$21 -


Theory short mini skirt
$150 -

$48 -

River Island shorts
$40 -

Flared mini skirt
$19 -

Brown bootie boots
$215 -

Boho bag

Brooks Brothers earrings

Black geometric necklace

So in Fashion long chain necklace
$8.06 -



MAKE UP STORE red lip stick
$48 -


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bright lipstick!

So I've been pretty bored with my daily make up routine, and seeing as how I've been spending a lot of my time in the lab, I haven't really cared about my face that much... But that will change now! I have been breaking out a lot so I need to start washing my face better and taking better care of it! 
And ever since I experimented with the blending of lipsticks in one of my last posts, I decided to try this new bright lipstick sample I received from Ipsy in one of my previous glambags! 
I am in LOVE with this lipstick. It is so bright, creamy, smooth and moisturizing! It also lasted the entire day! I love the pigment. It also hydrated and smoothed my lips, making them look more plump and healthy! I love it!
It is from Urban Decay, Revolution lipstick in a shade called "Anarchy." I am in love.
The full size lipsticks from Urban Decay are about 22 dollars, which is a little steep for a lipstick, but I would be willing to pay extra for the quality and richness of the color! This lipstick also comes in a variety of shades, so check it out! I am going to check out a more demure shade that I can wear daily, but I also want to buy the full size of Anarchy for when I am feeling bold!
Ps. I apologize for the closeups of my face. I'll try to get better quality pictures for my next posts!    

xoxo Andrea

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ipsy makeup!

So I got my Ipsy Glambag for September. I decided to try a couple of the products. First, I used their liquid liner, by Jesse's Girl, it has a nice tip that can be used to make a really thin line or very thick if you apply more pressure. I like it! I might consider buying it when my actual eyeliner is used up! I always make mistakes and end up with a really thick black line and have to remove it to make it look better...

I  also had this nude lipstick from I wash't sure how it would look but decided to try it on. and this is how it looked....

I look like I have no lips.... it is the same exact shade as my skin color so it causes my lips to blend in with my skin. Don't like it. So what to do?

I also had this Cailyn tinted "Lip Balm" in big apple.... I first tried it on and it is more like a lip stain and not moisturized at all...More like a matte lip stick... so I decided to blend it with the nude lipstick, and I made this really light pink color! I really liked it! This "lip balm" is cool, as it comes in a small pot, and the top cover hides a cute brush!

Voila, pink lipstick made thru blending two products from the Ipsy glambag that I wouldn't usually wear on their own.

xoxo Andrea


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Victoria's Secret buys

So this is a little embarassing to admit, but ever since I started working out, I lost about 15 pounds. That's not the embarassing part. Weight loss comes with all over fat loss, not just in one spot. As a result, I was feeling like my boobs got smaller. I was worried I went down two cup sizes, but I went to Victoria's Secret and got measured. Turns out I only went down half a size! I guess it's important to get new bras frequently, as my old bras must just be worn out. They felt so huge that I thought I lost a lot in the boob area. haha. So I ended up getting a new bra! (I could only afford one, seeing as VS bras are usually like 50 dollars! I bought this nude Body by Victoria bra that I think is made from Cotton, with lace. It is really comfortable and soft. I really like it, and the coverage is great. The good thing about these new bras is that you can wear them racerback! The straps lengthen and snap in on the back in a racerback way! I had old bras that would just clip together at the back of the straps, but that would just make the straps super loose if I wore it like that. This new style is clever and really efficient. I also bought this beauty mist that was ten dollars, Very Sexy Touch -- it smells so good. I am going to start using it daily. After spending 75 dollars, You get a free black Tote! I really like their totes! and I usually use them for work. My current bag I bring to work is a sparkly tote from VS as well! I'm excited to wear my new bra, scent, and tote! :D
Best part, I had a 10 dollar off a bra coupon so my $48.50 bra turned out $38.50. :)

xoxo Andrea

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Camera???

I'm on the lookout for a new camera! I really want to get a Cannon dSLR but don't really know what kind to get! What is the best kind out there that's not too expensive? I don't want a regular point and shoot, I also want to learn how to take great photographs like a true photographer! And maybe start taking better outfit pictures rather than using my iphone camera! hahah!
Any suggestions???

Statement pieces!

Ever since going to Cyprus for vacation, I have been in love with chunky necklaces and statement pieces. I decided to order a couple of necklaces from Charlotte Russe that were on sale for $5!! So pretty and such a great deal!
Here's what I got!

First, I bought the Sunburst statement necklace with gold and black accents. I wore a similar necklace while in Cyprus and I fell in love with it.

I also bought this Pink Gem chunky necklace. It is nice to wear with white or black accents and some pink!
I am really digging the gold jewelry as well. I want to buy a gold watch, as I already have a silver one. I will be shopping for a gold one soon! Any suggestions on which kind to get? I want a Michael Kohr's watch but they are super expensive!

xoxo A


Saturday, September 7, 2013

One year blog anniversary!!!

So last month marked my one year blog anniversary!!! I am a little late to post this but I just realized it while sitting in the car! I am so excited to have my blog for so long and that I'm still updating and working on it!! I pledge for the next year I will update more (at least once a week, I will aim for 2 posts a week) and I hope to expand my readership!!
So excited to share this with you all! Here's to another (hopefully successful) year of fashion blogging!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Workout Gear!

So while I was in Cyprus I placed an order for new workout clothes from! I am seriously in love with their workout gear! I ordered a new pair of workout capris, and I was in love with my heathered capris I bought a few months ago. I ordered these GapFit gFast heathered colorblock capris. Haven't tried them on yet but they seem so comfy! I next bought two GapFit graphic tanks. I am in love with this black and white one, I am currently wearing it! Super comfortable and it makes your waist look smaller because of the shapes and the black color block! And lastly, I bought a GapFit contrast headband to match my clothes, and it is useful as it keeps hair out of your face as you work out! 
I got 30% off which made it an even sweeter deal and free shipping over $50! 
Gap has sales ALL the time, they currently have one for 30% off and free shipping, and different days they have different percent off but it is always a deal! So if you visit one day and its not a big percent off, check again the next day! Definitely a good place to buy workout clothes, I recommend it! 


Wedding fashion

So this past weekend I went to a wedding in San Diego. I had originally had been planning on wearing that black dress I bought from Guess a few months ago that I had blogged about (a short black dress). But then I realized black is really boring to wear, especially to a wedding.  The wedding I went to was a fusion of American and Hindu traditions, and it was a lot of fun! Before leaving for San Diego, I ransacked my closet looking for something to wear. I originally was going to wear a blue high low dress but it fit too tight for a wedding and it was too short in the front. I tried a high low skirt with a Motel Rocks body suit. Again, too revealing. I ended up wearing this blue skater dress from Forever21 with mesh top. I paired it with some black heels and I wore my hair in a side pony tail since it was a hot day. I originally was going to wear my hair down and straight, but I have been itching to curl it. My boyfriend was on his way to pick me up and I had only curled half of my hair! I was rushing and I used my PYT straightener to curl the rest of my hair! Took a total of about 20 minutes to curl! After curling my entire head of hair, I pulled it up and to the side, and I intertwined the curls to make it into a single long curl. I think it turned out great!
Here are a couple of pics! First is a "selfie" in the hotel bathroom. The hotel was GORGEOUS by the way. It was the La Costa Resort and Spa, super high class and super nice!
The next picture is very picturesque, overlooking the golf course, each of the ceremonies had a beautiful backdrop! Cameo by the boy :)
And lastly, a closeup of my hair. Love the way my highlights pop out now. I have been thinking about rehighlighting my hair, but I like the way my roots and most of my hair is dark and my ends are lighter (the remnants of my ombre from a year ago!). Maybe I'll change it again next year. For now I am liking the darker hair. Once my hair grows long enough I think I am going to cut off all of the highlighted parts and have dark hair for a while. What do you think?

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