Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I have an online shopping problem!!!

Ok, so I think I may have a shopping problem.
Or more of a "I love clothing" problem... I
 decided to splurge a little and use my Motel credit for being a part of the street team and since there's free shipping to the USA I thought why not... So 3 days ago I decided to buy the Motel Jolene Short Sleeve Bodycon dress in Gothic Placement.... LOVE IT!
And then Motel had to go and have a 50% off sale for reaching 50,000 fans on Facebook..... How unfortunate for my bank account, because I went along and bought 2 more dresses...
I've had my eye on the Motel Rita Cut-out Back Playsuit in Tropical Butterfly and since it finally was on sale I thought why not...
And then I saw this...

The Motel Debbie off-shoulder Dress in Navy 50s Placement Rose... Gorgeous.
Again, free shipping. All of these for about 60 gbp...what a steal!
Anyway, I must stop shopping online and spending money because I am going broke. Going on vacation to Hawaii this weekend and I'm going to be spending so much. But it's always great to have nice clothing.
The 50% off sale may not be going on anymore, but you can always get 20% off items using my exclusive code "andreah227."
Ta ta for now!


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