Friday, August 17, 2012

Need some change!

So I need to do something different with my hair. I've had it long for a while and frankly I am getting bored with it. It is below my waist currently. Although I do love it so much that if I do cut it I will definitely regret it. But I have noticed that my hair looks flat, at least around my head. It doesn't have the volume it once had. Granted I haven't cut my hair since March (it's been 5 months already??) I am due for a new style.
I bought this deal from this website that's very similar to groupon, called life booker (check it out, some fantastic deals), and I got choice of highlights and a cut. Should I redo my full highlights? (see pic below) or go with ombre highlights with a deep red or caramel brown color like Lily Aldridge below? I want the option that is least damaging to my hair... any advice/comments?
My full highlights (copper/caramel) that are grown out now...

Lily Aldridge with ombre highlights, very pretty.


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