Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting super excited about MotelRocks!

So today I received an email from Laura, the manager of the Motel Rocks street team saying that they have run out of the union jack leggins I won from one of their Olympic Tasks competition, and instead I will be receiving a union jack dress! Super pumped!
So pumped that I went ahead and ordered 250 business cards and 2 sheets of stickers with my flyer and code "andreah227" on them with a link to this blog. My idea is when the freshers arrive in September I will approach well dressed girls and tell them they've been chosen for an exclusive code to use on MotelRocks.com! I was also thinking about setting up a little table at Bruin Walk with some of my Motel clothes for display and trying to talk to girls who I think would be interested in the brand! (Since there are always a million clubs harassing people to go to a free comedy show or to go to their next meeting or what not).  The only problem is I have to work. haha.
I want to see if I can try to get an ad in the university newspaper, the Daily Bruin. I think it might be quite expensive though... this might not happen.
Anyway, I just want  to bring Motel to UCLA! Love love love!!
I have also entered the Festival styling task, as I have entered the first set. The Renee London set is another outfit set that I think is amazing! I have the black dress with the Bows, and I just wish I could afford the louboutins to go with!! 
Another plug for Renee London, another one of my favorite UK designers! I shall post pics later, another post about that to come soon!
Anyway, must get back to work! Enough time ranting and raving about my Motel Rocks love. haha xx


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