Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time to do some serious damage!

Ahhh so my iPhone has recently started being a piece of s**t where it all of a sudden freeze up on the unlock screen... I think it is because I have almost filled it to the memory capacity.
I am trying to resolve the problem but it is becoming an issue.... it just started doing it today... hmmm this is really annoying...

Well, anyway, besides that, I received my business cards and stickers with my code on them today in the mail.
So pretty!
I am going to start promoting on campus and to random people at UCLA!! Hopefully I get a boost in sales!
I want my commissions to come in so I can start updating my wardrobe with the new motel selection!!
I am quite in love with this dress.... Would so love to order it but I am broke... sigh...
This fashion blogger/model is gorgeous!! I want to be her. and have that dress. The pattern and the body con fit are just amazing.
I also am loving this cute off-the-shoulder dress, I would totally wear it!
AH what I would do to have motel send me samples of their clothing....
This past weekend while I was out I saw this girl with these amazing shoes, they are, if not identical, to the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes with spikes and hot pink! She said she had bought them from a boutique in Hollywood...but I want them now too!!!
So cute and edgy. I want these in black to pair with some skinny jeans or high waisted shorts...
hmmmmm the fashion possibilities are endless....

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