Friday, August 31, 2012

Road trippin to San Francisco!

For the long weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to road trip to San Francisco! So excited as I have never been up north cal before! I have packed my cute boots (seen below), a blue high-low dress, a teal green off the shoulder top, and some other cute stuff. I will post pictures when I wear them! I have also brought my stickers and business cards to spread the word and my code for motel!!
I also got my hair dyed and cut the other day! I cut about an inch from my length and had my haircut fixed (apparently the last girl who did my hair didn't know what she was doing). I also got ombré highlights, my hair is quite blonde now but I think it looks good, I just have to style it!
I am posting this while in the car, here is also a snap shot of the landscape... Beautiful rolling hills in California!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time to do some serious damage!

Ahhh so my iPhone has recently started being a piece of s**t where it all of a sudden freeze up on the unlock screen... I think it is because I have almost filled it to the memory capacity.
I am trying to resolve the problem but it is becoming an issue.... it just started doing it today... hmmm this is really annoying...

Well, anyway, besides that, I received my business cards and stickers with my code on them today in the mail.
So pretty!
I am going to start promoting on campus and to random people at UCLA!! Hopefully I get a boost in sales!
I want my commissions to come in so I can start updating my wardrobe with the new motel selection!!
I am quite in love with this dress.... Would so love to order it but I am broke... sigh...
This fashion blogger/model is gorgeous!! I want to be her. and have that dress. The pattern and the body con fit are just amazing.
I also am loving this cute off-the-shoulder dress, I would totally wear it!
AH what I would do to have motel send me samples of their clothing....
This past weekend while I was out I saw this girl with these amazing shoes, they are, if not identical, to the Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes with spikes and hot pink! She said she had bought them from a boutique in Hollywood...but I want them now too!!!
So cute and edgy. I want these in black to pair with some skinny jeans or high waisted shorts...
hmmmmm the fashion possibilities are endless....

Monday, August 27, 2012

Great weekend!

Ok so this weekend was rather fun! First of all, I felt really accomplished because I am getting closer and closer to my weight loss goal! I'm not keeping track of my weight but instead going by how I look, as the scale lies. Muscle weighs more than fat so I have been gaining rather than losing, but I look much more fit (at least, I think so!). Take a look at my before and after pics. They aren't that good quality and I am still working on it, but I have trimmed down my pooch belly quite a bit. Still have to do more work but getting there! The pictures on the left are from March, right from Friday.
Also, I'd like to share that after 6 months of recovery from my knee injury, I have finally gotten back on the treadmill!!! I ran two miles Saturday afternoon with no pain to my knee afterwards!!! It's amazing! My endurance has greatly increased from going to the fitness classes the past few months so I could've definitely gone for another 2!!! But I decided not to push it too much and start out slow. I tried to run with better form by flexing/sucking in my core and changed my running stance and lo and behold I wasn't feeling any pain and my shins didn't hurt!!! I will be working on running more! I feel so proud and accomplished!
My stats for the run, started slow but progress!!

Last night I also went to a club with some friends in Hollywood. We took a really cool party bus to Tru Hollywood where one of my friends, head of the Bruin Party Network was spinning the main stage! It was awesome! Well, here is what I wore: an orange/tan dress from Forever21 that criss crossed (I actually wore it backwards so the criss cross was in the front, I figured I was going to a club and I should sex it up a little, it was higher up in the front originally, but I thought it was cute backwards!). I paired this short dress with 3/4 sleeves with leopard print heels (See below) from Jessica Simpson and a black Coach cross strap purse. I curled my hair and used a bright red lipstick to bring it all together. I was rather loving my outfit! what do you think?

PS I was watching TV tonight and Aladdin was on... and I have decided I am going to be Princess Jasmine for Halloween! Haha, super early but I think I can get the abs by then, so I have been looking at costume pieces on ebay. I found the harem pants for a decent price and decided to order them because they will be taking forever to arrive... and I will just buy a blue bandeau top from a bathing suit... hopefully it looks good!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another day.. Almost the weekend!

So glad it's Thursday. I feel like this week has gone on too long. I think its cuz I worked all last weekend. I'm ready for a weekend to relax. Here's what I'm wearing today: white tank top with a floral shirt from forever 21 over, a cute pink and white bow ring from forever 21, dark jeggings from American Eagle and low heeled booties from New Look. My hair looks blah but whatever... I'm going to be working out later.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I got bored with my hair last night as it is super long... I am getting highlights and a cut next Wednesday.. So I decided to curl my hair and when I woke up in the morning it looked just like it had before I went to bed (power of hairspray-- I use Suave extreme hold, in an aerosol can).
Well anyway, here is a picture of me bored in lab (note the blue lab coat and the goggles on top of my head..) true grad student..
I worked until 9pm tonight.. I had to take my boyfriend to the airport and let me tell you, traffic in Los angeles sucks. I got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. For a drive that should only take 20 minutes. It was ok though because I was blasting music in the hot little Audi I had rented from zipcar.
But I was super stressed because I had a lot of work to do in lab.
Anyway, I should go to bed. More posts tomorrow. Follow and I'll follow back, lovelies!

PS. omg ! look at those circles under my eyes!! from being too tired? How do I get rid of them?? anyone have any remedies or advice? Probably just need to get more sleep.

I think the goggles add a nice touch, no? hahah

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting super excited about MotelRocks!

So today I received an email from Laura, the manager of the Motel Rocks street team saying that they have run out of the union jack leggins I won from one of their Olympic Tasks competition, and instead I will be receiving a union jack dress! Super pumped!
So pumped that I went ahead and ordered 250 business cards and 2 sheets of stickers with my flyer and code "andreah227" on them with a link to this blog. My idea is when the freshers arrive in September I will approach well dressed girls and tell them they've been chosen for an exclusive code to use on! I was also thinking about setting up a little table at Bruin Walk with some of my Motel clothes for display and trying to talk to girls who I think would be interested in the brand! (Since there are always a million clubs harassing people to go to a free comedy show or to go to their next meeting or what not).  The only problem is I have to work. haha.
I want to see if I can try to get an ad in the university newspaper, the Daily Bruin. I think it might be quite expensive though... this might not happen.
Anyway, I just want  to bring Motel to UCLA! Love love love!!
I have also entered the Festival styling task, as I have entered the first set. The Renee London set is another outfit set that I think is amazing! I have the black dress with the Bows, and I just wish I could afford the louboutins to go with!! 
Another plug for Renee London, another one of my favorite UK designers! I shall post pics later, another post about that to come soon!
Anyway, must get back to work! Enough time ranting and raving about my Motel Rocks love. haha xx


Sunday, August 19, 2012

New finds

One of the things I like to do when I get home from work usually is to online shop. My bank account is not too happy. But I figured now that I started this blog I can put together outfits and still get some satisfaction without spending. :)

First, I am really loving this jacket... The Melody crop biker jacket by MINKPINK
I am really liking the baroque print pants as well, I believe I have seen them at MotelRocks!

I absolutely adore these Motel Donella Red High Waist skinny pant..LOVE!
So cute! Putting them on my wish list!

Pair with the Motel Lana Bralet in black under that biker jacket....

Love the back detail and the fact that it has straps for extra support.

Pair this outfit with black pumps or black wedges for an edgy look!

I personally love these! I own them.
As always, for the motel products, use my discount code "andreah227" for 20% off on! so much cheaper and so much to choose from!
More of my favorites to come soon!
Please follow and I'll follow back!

Sunday Beach day!

This entire summer I have reserved Sundays as beach day. We usually go to Santa Monica beach and play beach volleyball or just relax in the sun. I am heading into work for about an hour and then the boy is picking me up to go to the beach. Here is my new bathing suit I bought from L*space, the Audrey fringe halter top in white. It's rather unusual but I think it makes a statement. Apologies for the self mirror shot. Need to get a better camera than my iPhone.
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