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Friday, June 17, 2016

I'm a Dr - PhD (Almost!) Graduation

Hey loves!
Sorry for the lack of posts this month but I am back! I've been so crazy busy with the end of TAing (finally finished grading and entered in my grades!), graduation, family visiting, doing research, and getting ready for an international conference that I'm leaving for tomorrow!
I'm so excited for the conference, I get to finally meet the experts in my field that I read their research papers all the time, and I get to be in an amazing location (secret right now, check my instagram for the reveal!!) , and I am traveling also afterwards (again, check my instagram to figure out where I'm going!).
My parents came for graduation, and I found out I won a dissertation research award at graduation, and I also won the dissertation year fellowship, which will give me funding for the next year if I choose to stay longer.... so I am "graduated" but not done completely yet!
Graduation was a great day, it was cloudy so I was worried it would rain, but it ended up being perfect weather and great lighting for photos. I expected to be more emotional about graduation but I think because I'm not technically 100% done, I was just plain happy to be celebrated. Such a wonderful and happy milestone, so much hard work and tears.

With my Thesis Advisor!

With my parents! 

With my boyfriend!

With Megan, one of my best friends in grad school!

I'll be back with another post next week, and of course more outfits and photos from when I'm traveling! Be sure to follow along on instagram and snapchat where I will be posting during my trip.

How have you been?
Sorry I haven't been visiting your blogs, but I will have more time now, so leave your links and I'll check it out!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Friday, May 27, 2016

Midweek Celebration - Mia Rosa wine

Since I finished my first interview, and my best friend in grad school also had her first interview, we decided to celebrate by drinking some wine as a little midweek break. We both have been super stressed out with trying to balance life, research, teaching, career development, interviews, and writing our dissertations (or thinking about writing, lol).
I was contacted by Mia Rosa Wines to try two of their dessert wines, and I said, why not, and this was the perfect opportunity to try them (Yes we finished both bottles in one sitting, but we took it slow and over the course of a few hours of chatting... Oh and they are both low alcohol percentage wine so you can drink it mid day with lunch or what not and not feel 'drunk').
Mia Rosa Wines are bottled and imported from Gattinara, Italy, but the company that imports and distributes the wine is local, based in Glendale, California. So this is a definite SoCal brand, and I love supporting local businesses!

I love Moscatos, my go to wine is white, and I'm not really a red wine girl. I didn't know what to expect with their red, but it ended up being very enjoyable and not very dry as I expected!

First up, the Mia Rosa Moscato White:
This wine was a little fizzy and bubbly at first sip, and it was very delicious and sweet! It had a very clean finish, and the taste didn't linger. I could taste flavors of apple, cantalope, peach, pear - it was very tasty! At 5.5% Alcohol by volume, I easily drank 2-3 glasses without feeling much! Easily a very nice wine to go to after a meal when you aren't ready for a rather wild night, and pairs easily with dessert, cheeses, or I even thought it would pair well with Thai food or other kinds of spicy food - the sweetness is a good level to counterbalance spice!

Next, the Mia Rosa Dolce Rosso Red: 
This wine was also fizzy and bubbly at first sip, and it was a rather tasty red! It wasn't dry like other reds I have tasted, which I think made it more enjoyable for me. I could taste lots of flavors of berry - raspberries, red berry among others. Again, there is only 5.5% Alcohol by volume, so it is a nice light wine to enjoy during the day. I would pair this wine with some yummy dark chocolate (girls + wine + chocolate, perfect!), and maybe some fresh fruit.

I was really impressed with these wines, and even at the price! A bottle goes for $12.99, which is a great deal! I used to go with the cheaper wines (I'm talking like 6$ a, during my undergraduate days) but have recently started upgrading to 10-15$ bottles, so this wine falls right into my window! It is definitely an affordable and taste wine that are good for entertainment and hosting guests. If you sign up for their emails, you can get 25% off your orders and free shipping (so.....even cheaper wine...) at

I had a good night chatting about life, work, among other things with my friend, and it was a nice mid week break to just relax and not have to worry about other things like grading or preparing slides, etc.

Have you heard of Mia Rosa wines? Whats your go-to wine when you are just looking to finish off your meal rather than get a little too crazy? Let me know in the comments below!



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Monday, May 23, 2016

Interview Outfit - The Real World seems pretty sweet!

I am in shock that it is almost the end of May! This year is literally flying by, and I can't believe it is almost the end of my 5th year and graduation is in 3 weeks!
I recently had my first interview for a job/post doc after grad school and it was a surreal experience. I have gotten thru three rounds of interviews for the position, and now it is just a waiting game to see if I get an offer! *fingers crossed*
It was awesome to realize I actually am good enough and qualified for the real world. When you are so swamped in your work in graduate school you tend to forget that a real world exists outside! This year has been so difficult and stressful for me, work wise and I think knowing that an end is near has really helped me not stress out so much about the little things! It's all about how you manage stress, and really putting things in perspective. This has really helped me deal with things soooo much better!
Anyway, here is an outfit I had been meaning to post for two weeks now and I am FINALLY getting around to it. This quarter has been so busy and I have barely found time to do anything for myself, and since I finished my workout program at the beginning of the month I kinda fell off track with meals and workouts these last two weeks. BUT! No more, I am getting back on track starting today, with my meals and workouts. I realized I need to make time for myself and I feel strongest and best when I get my workout in!
This is the outfit I wore to my first interview for a big girl job as a research post doc, and I wore this floral blouse my aunt sent me for my birthday (or christmas? for some holiday as a gift, lol), and these dress pants I recently bought from Express, their editor pant, that was a costly $79.99. I bought these at the beginning of April as a last resort because I really needed dress pants that fit for the San Diego conference I went to, and all of my old dress pants wouldnt button..... and so I had to buy a size 8 from Express, and they finally closed. I'm not too concerned with the sizes because every brand is different, so I'm not stressing about having to go up from a 4 to an 8.... Ok - so I wore these same pants at the beginning of April, and when I put them on 2 weeks ago after finishing my work out program and for my in person interview. THEY WERE LOOSE. Too loose! I could easily fit a finger or two at the waist and they weren't hugging my thighs anymore! WOW I was so excited (but sad at the same time, since they were a costly pair) that I am seeing some non-scale victory results, as I weighed myself and the number literally didn't budge.

Pants: Express Editor Dress Pant | Top: Oasis | Necklace: Walmart | Shoes: Charlotte Russe

The shoes I bought for 10$ from Charlotte Russe, they were on super sale! And the necklace was $5 from! So besides the pants, this was a rather cheap outfit (given that the top was a gift), but it is a nice interview or conference outfit for less than $100! I did wear a black blazer that I already owned, and tied my hair back at my actual interview and when I had to give my seminar talk in front of all of the people at the company. I felt so professional and just overall great!
Whether or not I get the job, I felt really good after the interview, and now it is just a waiting game. Fingers crossed because I think its a great fit, but everything happens for a reason, so if I don't get it, that just means there's something else waiting for me!

Have a wonderful week ahead ! 



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Friday, May 6, 2016

Channeling my inner Boss Lady - Tobi Jumpsuit - Part 3

Happy Friday loves!!!
I'm so glad this week is almost over, I've been a stressball all week, dealing with research, teaching, preparing for an interview next week, you name it, I haven't slept much, but I'm feeling like a #Bosslady for how much I've been able to accomplish.
Today I'm bringing you my final outfit from, this really badass Anisha Midi Jumpsuit, which you can find HERE.
At first I was a little hesitant to request this item, but I thought why not, and step out of my comfort zone. I have not really worn or own many jumpsuits, but I wanted to give it a shot.
While I wasn't a big fan of how this looked on me, I still felt like a boss lady, and it made me feel powerful, especially with those stilettos that I bought from Charlotte Russe. I think what really attracted me to this jumpsuit was the cross back of it, with a lot of sexy back showing! I am a little uncomfortable showing this much cleavage, but I tried to rock it anyway! I paired it with this same necklace that I wore in the previous outfit, and it worked well! I also used a belt I had from Express to cinch the waist, it might also look good without a belt! The good thing about this jumpsuit is that its black so it can be paired with a lot of different pieces and statement pieces! It also cuts at the calf since it is a midi cut, which I don't think is the most flattering for me, but I am just being self conscious! For a taller girl it would be the perfect cut (I'm only 5' 2"...).

Jumpsuit: Anisha Jumpsuit from | Belt: Express | Necklace: Walmart | Heels: Charlotte Russe

Overall, even though at first I wasn't as comfortable with this outfit because it was out of my comfort zone, I started loving it more and more! Do you have a "Power outfit" that makes you feel fabulous? This one could be yours! 

I've been doing a lot of self development lately, especially as I am preparing for my interviews, and looking and feeling confident definitely helps! 

Have you checked out any of's pieces? Everything is 50% off your first order! 
You can check out their selection of other pieces here: 

Do you like jumpsuits?
Would you wear this one? Which Tobi Jumpsuit is your favorite? 

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Coachella/Casual Inspired Look Part 2 - Tobi Skater Dress

Happy Hump Day!
So glad this week is flying by, so ready for the weekend again!
I have an important week next week coming up that I'm trying to prepare for (two interviews!) but I am trying to keep my cool!
Today I am bringing you another Coachella inspired Casual look from can be worn to a festival or even just the lab - I think this pretty dress is super versatile and can be worn different ways! It was originally a dress - the Together Forever Skater Dress  in black! It was a really windy day so I decided to wear pants underneath to avoid any windy day mishaps if you catch my drift! But it can be worn by itself or as a longer shirt/tunic over pants or leggings! I like both styles! Wearing it with pants is a lot more appropriate for lab during the week, wearing as a dress is easier during the weekend, for example, going to brunch with friends!

Dress: "Together Forever" Skater Dress | Pants: YMI jeans | Purse: Express
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe

I really like how casual and pretty this outfit this turned out to be! Hope your week is going great so far! How would you wear this dress? With or without pants?? I'd like to know your thoughts!

Stay tuned for Part 3 for the final outfit from! and if you want to check out some more of the selection (50% off first purchase), check out the links below!

Have a great rest of the week! 



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